Top Prospects For 2020 NBA Draft Props

Author: Mansi


We are at the end of this season. As we know, teams had played excellently in all the games and showed great sportsmanship. Even in the pandemic, this season of NBA is going on without an audience. The audience of the NBA and the supporters are enjoying this season at home. Also, they are supporting their favorite team via social media, and the Internet. Supporters show great energy, and the same enthusiasm the same as last season. This season, some teams played phenomenally, and some teams underperformed. Who performed well makes a place in their supporters as well as in the qualifiers. And the others left are still trying their best to prove themselves. The top prospects for the 2020 NBA draft are listed below.

LaMelo Ball:

LaMelo ball had earned his place at the top because he played exceptionally well this season. He performed excellently in all the matches he played for his team. He had gifted a playmaker with a good vision of the court. He has a right touch around the rim also; he is a great passer, finisher. Sometimes he is inconsistent and weak in decision-making, but it is acceptable because of his head's pressure during the match. These qualities make him the best choice for the 2020 NBA Draft prospects.

James Wiseman: 

Another name for the prospect is James Wiseman. James's body structure is an additional advantage he has. Also, James Wiseman is an excellent lob finisher. He has some weak points as well. But the sportsmanship makes him the right choice for the 2020 NBA draft prospect. To protect the rim at a high level, he uses length and awareness, which is an excellent basketball player's quality.

Anthony Edwards:

Anthony is one of the youngest prospects in this class. He had played an essential role in his team this season. His incredible shot creation ability makes his place in the 2020 NBA Draft. He also provides a 40.2 percentage of a field goal, which is excellent. Sometimes he chooses questionable shots for the basket, which would be a weakness of his sportsmanship. However, he is an Explosive athlete as well as a leaper. 

Killian Hayes:

Killian had played fantastic this season. The judges did not find many weaknesses in him. He had an excellent positional size. He can read games at a high level in an instant. Also, he has g perfect court vision, which helps him in the passings skills to match it. He can create a dribble with his crafty hands for both himself and teammates too. He had played for confirming his place in the 2020 NBA Draft prospect.

Obi Toppin:

Obi Toppin is the only name everyone listed this season. Obi had played phenomenal this season for his team. He provides 63.3 percent of a field goal. Obi is known for his incredible leaping ability. Also, he is a dynamic athlete. His outstanding shooting ability from inside the perimeter makes him an essential player for this team. Obi also makes accurate passes when his team needs him to do so. At the time of Dayton, he shots 41.7 percent from during 3. He is the best for the 2020 NBA draft prospects.

Tyrese Haliburton:

This season Tyrese has played excellent for his team. He had scored a significant number of the basket by his name. He is one of the best deep shooters. Tyrese is known for its efficiency in catching and shooting. He has a skinny body type, which makes him fast. Haliburton also provides a significant percentage of a field goal, which is 50.4. He is smart in making decisions and doesn't beat himself. Tyrese is a good passer, which makes his place top 6 prospects of the 2020 NBA Draft.


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