What Should "The Warriors'' Do To Improve Their Game?

Author: Mansi


We know that the NBA is the most popular basketball in the whole world. This season is quite exciting because the season has zero audiences. Still, the viewers support their favorite team with the same enthusiasm, and the bettors also bet the same as the last season. However, the audience is not there to cheer for their favorite team. Still, the players are playing excellent and showing great sportsmanship.

This season Golden State Warriors are known as defending champions of this season. The Worries have earned this title after defending the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have defeated the Cavaliers in five games and taken back the title from Cleveland Cavaliers. However, this year's team is not the same as last year's team. But still, defeating Cleveland is the best feeling ever for the worries. They have made it for the defending champions' title. 

The worries showed they are taking revenge in this season. The Golden State Warriors took six matches to change their story. Back to back, two-game worries have lost their two most essential players, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson, because of injuries. After that, Worries had started their lousy time in this season. The worries should improve their game. They should work on all factors for their game like defense, passing, receiving, etc. 

The failed season's main reason is not working on a three-point field goal, which is the most critical factor in Basketball. The players of the Golden State Warriors failed to work on this chapter of basketball. They should improve their range of shooting the ball on the field. This technique helps you to basket from a long distance from the net. To avoid the opponent's defense, this is the best way to score a basketball. But the players are not applying this strategy in their game. They are making so much effort to achieve a basket. Three pointer attempt needs excellent aim. The coach should give training on this technique to the team members.

Another reason for the failure is the field goal percentage. If the field goal percentage is excellent, then changes to win the game will increase. As compared to other teams, the field goal percentage is not impressive for the Golden State Warriors. In basketball, being named champions means recognized as the best. But in the back of the mind, all the viewers also built an image of the Golden State Warriors, which is not so good. Willie Cauley-Stein played great this season. Amongst all the players, Willie's stats this season are fantastic. He successfully reached 56.0 percent of a field goal, which is not bad. But compared to other teams, this percentage seems average. The worries must improve this factor in the future. 

And last but not least, game plan execution. I think the worries are not planning the gameplay. All the teams are different. So, they need to plan every game separately. Like who will defend the basket, who will lead the game, make a combination of players, etc. The most important thing is defense. The Golden State Warriors should make their defense stronger than before, and not allow an opposing team's player to make a basket. The attacker should attack whenever he gets a chance. Doing more passes will make an opponent's player tired.  The captain, Andris Biedrins, should come in front and should lead the team.

The Golden State Warriors should also think about playing five. They should give a chance to youngsters. Is the team deciding to provide an opportunity for the youngsters? It will increase the chances of winning the game. The worriers would do different combinations. The combination of the experienced players and the newbies is excellent for the team. If these changes are made in their game. Then no one thing will take the championship trophy from the Golden State Warriors.


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