Will The Milwaukee Bucks Manage To Reach NBA Finals?

Author: Mansi


As we all know, the pandemic situation the whole world is facing. Covid-19 made a massive impact on human lives. However, everyone should follow the rules of lockdown. Though the situation is very tough, we have to keep calm till the vaccine arrives. However, Covid-19 made a significant impact on basketball games. Still, matches are being played on the ground without the presence of their fans. Every fan is supporting their respective team by staying at home. 

Hence, no fan is allowed to come and cheer their team. And this makes everyone sad because basketball is a thrilling game. Things happen too quickly in this game. Hence, there is no advantage of the home ground because of the absence of fans. Every basketball player performed well this season. However, if you're looking for NBA finals, this article is for you.

This story is not for the Bucks, but for the entire NBA season. Giannis Antetokounmpo is all set for an unrestricted free agent in 2021. The deadline for signing the contract with the bucks is Dec21. According to our experts, the deal would be worth between"$220 and $250 million." And if he doesn't sign that contract, the conversation will be ongoing throughout the season, and who knows, the conversation could go to an uncertain level in the locker room.

No other team in the NBA has the best Outings compared to the Bucks. They had won 60 games last year. But the race was much closer with Toronto and Golden State. The Bucks last went to the finals 46 years ago. 

Can the bucks go to the NBA finals?

As per the record of 2018-19 bucks can manage to make a place in the finals. They seemed destined to reach the final in 1947. Leading 2-1 on the Toronto Raptors, they are putting themselves two wins away from the championship round. But still, we can see Milwaukee is competing for a title. Apart from all the four consecutive wins of Raptors to defeat the Bucks from the playoffs, we still believe the Bucks would be back. 

In even 2019-20, they finished in their style with 56 wins. But because of the coronavirus pandemic, they left four wins. This team is the most powerful in all seasons and still maintained their No.1 seed in the East. Despite this, there is an expectation on NBA final runs for Antetokounmpo and Milwaukee. Because after being eliminated from the Eastern Conference Champion Miami Heat, that puts more pressure on the Bucks to take a step forward to win this season. 

Top 5 games to watch for this:

Place: Boston Celtics. 

The Bucks and Celtics are the best two teams in the East again. Both teams know their goal and how to hunt that goal. You must see this match. Because it's must-see-TV every time, they play in opposition. This opening match will decide their path for the Conference in 2020-21. 

Opposition: Golden State Warriors. 

Golden state warriors have another chance to shine on the NBA regular season's brightest stage where the Bucks go head-to-head with the replenished Warriors. 

Place: Miami Heat. 

In last year Miami heats ended the title hopes for the Bucks by defeating them in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. As the heats are in this season, the star player of Bucks called Milwaukee will try to take revenge. And this is the first opportunity to knock out the Heats in the playoffs. 

Opponent: Los Angeles Lakers. 

As we all know, this team is the king of basketball. So to be the king, you have to beat the king. The Bucks are eagerly waiting for this opportunity because due to facing defeat in the semifinals with Miami, they don't get any lead on the Lakers. The bucks' defense is going to be worth watching. Stay tuned for more information about the NBA finals.



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