Will The Lakers Manage To Reach NBA Finals?

Author: Mansi


The question can be further extended: can the Lakers win the championship? Yes, you heard it right this team has the potential to not only qualify for the finals but also win them. This team has won this championship before and has fair chances to qualify for this finals as well. And as their star performer, LeBron James believes that he and his team can win every final of the championships they play.

If we look at the past performance of LeBron James he had done it before, even, when the chances of the team to qualify and further to go on and win were less still they managed to sneak a win. He also says that what a team does between the lines makes it a champion team not what is on the paper, and clearly, he has lived up to that sentence. So, if you ask LeBron he does not have a second thought about winning the championship.


Will history repeat itself?


In the past Lakers have won titles under the likes of Shaquille O'Neal and the greatest of all time Kobe Bryant, they helped them to win three consecutive titles and made a legacy for the Lakers.


This time it will be LeBron James’ team entering, and he will be combined with Anthony Davis who has the same potential that people witnessed with Kobe and Shaquille. So, you can expect them to qualify and raise their chances for the first title of the decade.


Davis also mentioned that this team looks quite confident in winning the title and especially LeBron is performing at the highest potential in his mid-30s, LeBron has managed to average almost 27 with a high number of rebounds and nearly the same assists. He is the only player to achieve such heights within a few matches of the postseason. So if legends like him decide and tell with such confidence they eventually mean it and so lakers are having fair chances of qualifying and winning the championship.


Will Davis be the Lakers’ helping hand to reach the finals?


Davis is a highly reliable and skillful player in the squad of the Lakers. When you are talented and skillful all you need to do is perform and his stats show us what a fantastic performer he has been for the Los Angeles Lakers. Davis's postseason average is almost 30 points, and that completely defines what kind of player he is. The top 3 players who have averaged the highest among the postseason players (min 25 matches) are Micheal Jordan with 33 points as average, Allen Iverson 29.7 points as average, and Davis very close with an average of 29.6, now LeBron James has the highest average for 15 matches, and we all expect his name in the list of the top as well.


What are the chances of heat and Lakers?


Looking at the fine defense of the Heats under the likes of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo this team looks way stronger than they had been in the past. Defense of Heat is simply looking at one of the best defenses of the tournament. No one expected this team to come so far at the start of the tournament but here they are competing with the best teams around them and proving their worth.


The Lakers, on the other hand, have good experience of playing in the playoffs so if they face against the Heats they will be ready to take them on as the Heats are the least experienced team to play in the playoffs. In the last few games, the Lakers have managed to spoil the party of three teams making the competition of the playoffs quite easy.


So if you are still left with a question, will the Lakers make it to the finals? The answer is they might make it and go on to become the 5th time champions as well.


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