NBA Picks: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies

Author: Mansi


The Los Angeles Lakers hold the highest position, and Memphis is lacking back. Out of 186 matches, Los Angeles Lakers has won 94 matches and Memphis Grizzlies 92.


A very tough and contrasting match was played between these two teams. And now it is time to watch one more overjoyed eternity. The most awaited moment would soon be illustrated. 


Two teams with a ball on a court chasing to score:


Both the teams are going to deal with each other soon. As the stress level is increasing, both teams need to settle down calmly. As the difference between the two teams is quite close anything can take place, there cannot be sure guaranty about both the teams.


To avoid repeated mistakes, it is quite necessary to highlight their weaknesses and the strong points of each other and overcome the drawbacks. 


Team Memphis Grizzlies need to show aggressive passion toward the game and achieve it at any cost. As the difference is not huge one thing can be comprehended that both the team has equal strength and endurance. 


Both the teams are very close to victory if they have a well-sketched plan and decent tricks. Surely Memphis Grizzlies can lead the way. Memphis Grizzlies is lacking back just because of a few mismanagements, if they improve surely they can win the match.


Few strategies need to be inculcated, and this will lead to grand victory.


1. Start practicing in a flexible manner.

2. Diversify a few moves.

3. Work in coordination.

4. Choose better teammates.

5. While selecting teammates, make a wiser choice.

6. The team should get connected with the player who has better health, capability, stamina.

7. The team should check the medical report of every individual so that he won't suffer bad times during the match.



In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, that's why it is necessary to boost enthusiasm and explore while preparing for a match. 


The team Memphis Grizzlies has an opportunity to set back their goals a bit the opposing team, as the team score is a bit less than the Los Angeles Lakers score. It proves that the Memphis Grizzlies have the potential to do so.


Opportunities for team Los Angeles Lakers.


The team Los Angeles Lakers are playing very well since from the beginning, there's no doubt about their skill full playing and mastery plan. 


We can see better coordination between the players of the team Los Angeles Lakers, and this is a secure formula they use every time. 


Both the captains need to plan adequately and take sufficient time to decide the order while playing. The team is doing very well and should continue uniformly.


Opportunities for the team Memphis Grizzlies


All the above-mentioned pointers should be implemented by the entire team. This may help them to score generously. Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity. The team should take enormous advantage of this opportunity and lead the team.


As the Memphis Grizzlies have faced failure two times, it means they need two more victories.


If the entire team does well in upcoming matches, it would be a bit easy to play in the final match. This match goes in favor of those who are lacking behind.


The Memphis Grizzlies team needs patients and a strong reason to hoist its flag. 


Final words:

As we have glimpsed over both the teams, it's quite clear that a team with tremendous power and well balance has a better future. Be a part of the success and strive till the end. Believe in the entire court under your control, this is the finest rule of the universe. 


Both the teams have done very well in the past matches, here's a great day to see who drives fast and chases the ball to score. Great excitement among the players and the fan club about the fantastic gaming which will be played soon. 


We wish both teams “Good Luck”.


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