The List of Basketball Equipment You Need To Play

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James Naismith, a sports teacher from 1891, invented the sport basketball. A closed-room game like this was needed for James' students during that time, so he created a game that they could play. The game became known as basketball over time as it grew in popularity. Throughout history, this game has spread rapidly to the point that it is still growing in popularity today.

In order to play basketball, what type of equipment and supplies will you need? Here, we will explore the tools used to play basketball, from the ball that follows International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rules to the tools used by players.


1. Basketball


In the game of basketball, a ball is an essential tool. What would a game without a ball look like? You will find it strange, wouldn't you? That's right. 

There are very specific requirements for the official basketball used by pro leagues such as the NBA. It includes colors, materials, sizes, air pressures, and bounces. Basketball's size is the most important factor. A variety of sizes are available for boys and girls based on their ages.

  • Size 7 - Known as the NCAA men's basketball size, boys high school basketball size, and the NBA standard size. Between 28 and 30 inches in circumference and 20 and 22 ounces in weight, the item has a diameter between 28 and 30 inches.
  • Women's Basketball (Size 6) - This model is used by NCAA women, major league teams, and WNBA players. The circumference varies from 28 to 29 inches, and the weight is between 18 and 20 ounces.
  • Size 5 - A junior-size basketball is available for boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 12. The circumference of this ball measures 27.25 to 27.75 inches, and the weight varies between 14-16 ounces.
  • Children ages 5-8 will enjoy this size 3 mini basketball. The ball varies in diameter from 22 to 22.5 inches and weighs from 10.5 to 11.25 ounces, and is sized at 22 to 22.5 inches.

Rubber is used to make the ball and is covered with synthetic leather. It is common for balls to weigh between 600 grams and 650 grams. The ball's pressure varies between 4.26 and 4.61 psi, so if it bounces from a height of 180 cm to the ground, it will bounce from 120cm to 140cm (not to exceed 140cm). It is necessary to select a basketball that meets international standards, and Molten's quality, compared to other manufacturers, is quite good.


2. Basketball Shoes


Basketball shoes are also very important pieces of equipment. There are several defining features of basketball shoes, but one of the main ones is their slightly higher ankle shape, which helps to prevent an ankle injury. As for the sole or base of the shoe, anti-slip material is also used because basketball uses running and jumping movements, therefore, these shoes are necessary for these moves.

In comparison to running shoes, they should be able to provide better ankle support. In order to provide extra comfort during a game, basketball shoes should be high-tipped. To achieve high performance on the basketball court, these shoes were designed specifically to maintain high traction.


3. Player Uniforms


A uniform is required for each basketball player on each team so that teammates and opponents can separate themselves at the game. As well as giving the team a more solid appearance and making it look more attractive, uniforms will also bring in the team spirit.

Basketball uniforms generally lack sleeves, and pants are only knee-length, meaning the player can move freely without being constrained.


4. Knee Pads


Knee pads are elastic cloths that prevent injuries from occurring during movement by keeping the body parts from being in the wrong position. It is common for basketball players to wear knee pads, ankle pads, and elbow pads on their knees.


5. Basketball Ring


Baskets are made up of rings and nets. There were 45-centimeter diameter rings made of hard iron. It is installed on the basketball board at a distance of 15 centimeters from the floor surface at the height of 305 centimeters. In the meantime, the net is hung from the ring, measuring 40 centimeters in length.

Rings and nets make up the basket. Its diameter is 45 centimeters, and it is made of hard iron. An installation distance of 15 centimeters separates the ring from the basketball board at 305 centimeters above the floor. With a length of 40 centimeters, the net hangs from the ring.


6. Basketball Court


Taking the edge of the boundary line as a measure, it measures 28 meters long and 15 meters wide. It is possible to divide a basketball court into several sections, such as the semicircle line in the center of the three-point zone and the free-throw line. 




In many parts of the world, basketball is among the most popular sports. In addition to playing the game outdoors, one can play it indoors with a basketball and a hoop. One must certainly have more equipment to practice if they are a professional. A beginner, however, can do without the basic basketball equipment if they are just learning the basics of the trade.


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