David Stern Did What?

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What do you see when you look at this face? What are the thoughts that come to mind when you see David Stern?


After the Thursday night debacle that Stern has caused, he will be remembered as gutless.


Finally, after many conversations and speculation, the New Orleans Hornets had a deal in place to trade All-Star point guard Chris Paul. The proposed deal involved the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and the Hornets. The trade would have had the Rockets receiving Pau Gasol, the Hornets receiving Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, Kevin Martin, Goran Dragic and a draft pick, while the Lakers would get Chris Paul.


Not long after the trade was set in place and the teams agreed to the deal, reports came swirling in stating that the trade would not take place. The reaction from the teams and players involved, as well as the fans of the sport were the same. Everyone had to stop and wonder, “what???”


Simply put, the trade was blocked by NBA Commissioner David Stern, citing “basketball reasons”. It was later reported that Stern had received an email from Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert stating allowing this trade to happen would be “a travesty”. Gilbert continued to explain himself as to why he felt the trade shouldn’t happen, and then proceeded to suggest a vote of the 29 owners to determine if the trade should be allowed. The Hornets are owned by the NBA, thus giving the 29 owners some share of the team, but that’s not where the issue lies.


When the Hornets were left with no owner, the league bought the team and the remaining 29 owners split the cost. However, it was New Orleans Hornets general manager Dell Demps who was said to have complete control of all player personnel moves. Demps was allowed to make any deal without interference. Or so we thought.


Now, it’s been essentially taken out of Demps’ hands. The decision to trade Paul, a player who will be a free agent in seven months, has been blocked by NBA owners and the NBA commissioner due to reasons that would cause unbalance in the interest of an equal playing field.


Wait, what?


So, the Lakers aren’t allowed to acquire Chris Paul because they will be “too good”? The small market owners who voted to nix this deal seem to be paying attention to one facet of the trade, rather than the full picture. Do they not see the rest of the names involved in the deal?


First off, a trade like this put the Los Angeles Lakers in a huge boom or bust situation. Had the trade worked out, they would look brilliant, but there was an equal chance for the exact opposite to happen.


When the Lakers won the NBA Championship, they did so with the presence of their big men, 7’0” Pau Gasol and 6’10” Lamar Odom. Guess what David Stern? They were both part of the deal that would have put a pure point guard in L.A., but left a big, gaping hole in the Lakers’ lineup.


When you break down the deal, the Hornets were walking out of the trade with the best possible scenario. As good as Paul is, his knee is still a concern and the Hornets knew he was going to sign elsewhere when the 2011-12 season ends. They were in a great position to get valuable pieces in return for a departing Paul.


They were set to get a proven veteran with playoff experience in Odom, a good offensive big man in Scola, and up-and-coming point guard in Dragic, a solid shooting guard in Martin and a draft pick. For a team that was going to lose their star player for nothing within the next seven months, the Hornets made out like bandits.


Not anymore, though, as commissioner Stern gave in to the small market owners. Let’s recap the whole disaster that Stern has created.


The Boston Celtics have ruined their relationship with its best young player in Rajon Rondo during their attempt to get Paul themselves. The New York Knicks signed Tyson Chandler because they thought Paul wouldn’t be available this summer assuming he signed an extension with the Lakers, now the Knicks don’t have the funds to chase him. The Lakers, Rockets and Hornets all have to deal with the awkward situation of welcoming back players they tried to trade less than 24 hours prior.


Oh David Stern, I think it’s time for your resignation.


The NBA as you once knew it is gone. The “interest of fairness” has been gone long ago. The Miami Heat provided their own star-studded roster last year with Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh. The New York Knicks have been working on theirs, with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire holding it down.


In the interest of fairness, Stern, it’s probably best that you allow Dell Demps make that decision for his team. It’s probably best that you not interfere with trades so that you can dictate who plays where.


Leave it to a guy who let LeBron slip away for nothing and gave Daniel Gibson $21 million over five years to complain about balance in the NBA.


Plain and simple, David Stern opened a door that he cannot close. He’s put a situation in motion that he may not be able to contain. When you start controlling the game itself, you’re setting up a position of power that you should not be allowed.


If this is the future of the NBA, where the owners and commissioner dictate where the players go, this could cause a downward spiral in the league. The teams involved in this nixed trade plan to appeal the decision from Stern and Paul is contemplating legal action against the league.


Paul should be able to play where we wants to play and if the teams that are making the trade are okay with the deal in place, it should be final.


Do you think David Stern should step down?
By: Brandon Williams


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