What Does the Future Hold for Dwight Howard?

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It appears now that Orlando Magic forward Dwight Howard would be open to a trade that would send him to the Chicago Bulls; which leads us to ask: where will Dwight Howard end up?


It’s no secret that Howard has been trying to get out of Orlando for some time and he has listed multiple destinations for where he would like to end up. The Bulls are just the latest of the group, added onto the list just days after Howard ripped his Magic teammates for a lackadaisical effort in their 93-67 loss to the New Orleans Hornets. They lost again last night, 106-85 to the Indiana Pacers.


Howard is averaging 20.2 points per game and 15.5 rebounds per game for the 12-8 Magic that has lost three straight games.


If Howard doesn’t get his wish for a trade this season, he will become a free agent this summer in which he will be free to sign with any team he would like. As it appears, there are about five teams that he would like to play for, with some having question marks of making a trade happen or even securing him in the off-season.


The Nets would like to get Howard, but if they are forced to wait until the off-season, it could mean they lose Deron Williams and Dwight Howard along with him. The other teams are the Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks. A couple of other teams may be in the mix as well.


The Dwight Howard Trade saga is an interesting one that will only continue to grow momentum as the Magic continue to lose.


Howard is still a prime player, just 26-years-old and at the top of his game. However, for Howard to be dealt, teams will likely have to pay a steep price in order to get him. Fortunately, the teams in the talks could use a player like Howard to either turn the season around or to get that extra push towards a championship.


Regardless of his method of departure, Howard will be playing for a new team sometime by the middle of the year, at the latest. The question is who with?
By: Brandon Williams


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