Evander Holyfield & Mike Tyson: A Charity Boxing Match May Happen

Author: Sonali


The two boxing wizards look betting on the bottom dollar about this charity boxing match! These two sports stars need no introduction, but let’s first bird-dog their career briefly.

Evander Holyfield: The American former professional boxer who has been there in the American boxing landscape from 1984 to 2011. Holyfield is the only boxer to have won the undisputed championship and that too in two weight classes. In the later part of the 1980s, he took retirement as the undisputed cruiserweight champion.

Mike Tyson: The American former professional boxer was actively there in the boxing landscape between 1985 and 2005. He is popularly known to have become the youngest boxer at the age of 20 to win a heavyweight title. His resignation from boxing came in as the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

Charity Boxing Between Evander Holyfield & Mike Tyson.

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic something is going on, between the two boxing wizards on social media. Both have been posting different videos on social media, which looks like an indication of the two prepping up for boxing returns to the ring. Holyfield has been challenging Tyson to continue the game till he would want him to do it. Holyfield says that “ If I ask him, it’s almost like me being a bully said I want to go against somebody I’ve beaten twice. I don’t want pressure on me that you want to fight Mike because you know you can beat him.”

In an Instagram post, Holyfield said that he would like to return to the boxing ring for charity purposes to help people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many training videos have been coming from Holyfield in the last month. Over the past months, Tyson training videos had also gone viral that indicate some good news for the boxing fans for sure.

A Glimpse into the Historical Games Played between the two Boxing Stalwarts.

In 1996 TKO, Holyfield won the WBA heavyweight title in the 11th round by beating Tyson. At that time both of the two sports wizards were at the peak of their boxing careers. Later, in 1997, there was a rematch, controversially Tyson got disqualified from the game after he was found at fault for biting a piece of Holyfield’s ear. The last game played by Tyson was in 2005 and now he is 53, on the other hand, the last for Holyfield was 2011, and he is 57 now. There were rumors about a third match between the two in 2008, but that did not happen. On the personal front, Tyson and Holyfield have been on good terms with each other -with Tyson doing promotion for Holyfield business. Let’s see if we could get the opportunity to see these two powerful boxers in the ring or not!



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