Mike Tyson Is All Set To Make A Comeback To Boxing

Author: Mansi


Mike Tyson, also known as The Baddest Man on Planet, the legend is rumored to be setting his steps into the ring again. His interview claims the possibility though. But, the question is, “Really”?


Mike Gerard Tyson, (born on 30th June 1966), is a professional former American boxer, as we all know. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York City, he ruled the rings during his career, competing from 1985 to 2005. Tyson quit as the unchallenged world heavyweight champion withholding the record of the youngest boxer. He was just 20 years, 4 months and 22 days old when he won the title after defeating Trevor Berbick. 

His early life: Born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, his family includes an elder brother named Rodney and a sister named Denise who later died due to a heart attack at an early age of 24 years. There is very little information about Mike's biological father Purcell Tyson who is said to be from Jamaica, though the only father Tyson knows is Jimmy Kirkpatrick, from North Carolina. Later Kirkpatrick abandoned Tyson’s family when he was born. 

Later, Tyson got involved with various street gangs at an early age. Therefore, in 1978, he was sent to a reform school situated in upstate New York. The credit for his boxing career goes to Bobby Stewart, who recognized Tyson’s potential and directed him to his first coach, Cus D' Amato. A renowned trainer who later became his legal guardian and taught him the famous peek-a-boo style of boxing, which later became a signature one. 

Because of this style, his defense was impassable. He used to move around the ring with fast bobbing motion keeping his hands close to his cheek. Though his height (5 feet 11 inches) and weight (99kgs) made him unfit for the heavyweight boxer’s appearance, yet his quickness and aggressiveness made his opponents get on their knees.   

Tyson won his first championship as the youngest heavyweight champion in history, by knocking out Trevor Berbick, to claim his crown of World Boxing Council, on 22 November 1986. This was the start of his career which led him to become a renowned boxing champion, The Mike Tyson. 

He won numerous championships, including the World Boxing Association Belt (1987), International Boxing Federation (IBF). Hence, a champion by all three sanctioning organizations.

But fame comes with a heavy price. Though winning a series of championships and awards yet his life was full of accusations and fights. He married actress Robin Givens in 1998 but the couple divorced in 1989. Robin charged him for physical assault and harassment. Moreover, in Feb 1990, the biggest upset in boxing history as Tyson lost to a lighter opponent James Douglas. Problems don’t end here. He faced prison for 4 years after being convicted for an accusation of rape charges.

After the release from prison, he continued his boxing by winning two championship belts with an easy win. But he was never able to control his temper throughout the matches. He got disqualified after he was caught biting his contender's ears, and this incident was never forgotten by boxing fans. Nevertheless, his self-control was always an issue, which landed him in problems. 

He was arrested again for accidentally landing a punch on the referee. And one more amazing fact which is unbelievable is that he got arrested like 38 times till he was 13. He was into street fighting at such a young age because of being a victim of bullying. 

The prime reason he is into boxing is because of the boxing legend Mohammad Ali. When Tyson was imprisoned, Ali visited him in jail. He motivated Mike to pursue a career in boxing and this paved the way to the formation of Iron Mike. 

Another crazy thing about Mike is he held back from having sex for 5 years as he had the perception those boxers who have regular sex become fragile.

Yet Tyson managed fame and fortune. Though getting bankrupt once, yet, he was struggling to continue the pace as he had always learned. His personal and professional exploits have been recounted in several documentaries and series. Tyson was accepted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011. He announced his retirement in 2005.

Yet Tyson, according to the sources, is all settled for a heavy comeback, a comeback for charity. 

We are waiting for Tyson, for you and him to get back together in that ring. Just a get, set, and we are waiting for the go!



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