Payano and Warren Scheduled to Rematch

Author: Charles Hartwell


Last August, two southpaws went a full twelve rounds that included point deductions, fouls, and a knockdown; a fight that eventually ended with a new Bantamweight titleholder. Carlos Payano and Rau’shee Warren are scheduled to rematch on June 18. For both boxers, it will be their first match since they had fought one another. Their first bout, that took place in Florida, where very controversial and action-packed.

“I ran him ragged from post to post. It was the champion chasing the challenger. Normally to win the title, it has to be the other way around. If he had got the decision, there would have been no controversy, he’d be a superstar”.

-Carlos Payano

Warren believes that Payano had a home-court advantage.

“I felt like I clearly won the first fight. I thought the two judges that scored the fight for him were going to give it to him no matter what. The fight was in his backyard. It really hurt me when they raised his hand. I felt cheated”.

-Rau’shee Warren

Altough Payano was docked for hitting Warren behind the head, Warren was also docked due to a flagrant foul issued for hitting Payano while he was down after slipping. Warren eventually seemed to drain Payano of his energy and scored a knockdown in the 12th round.

The rematch between Carlos Payano(17-0-8KOs) and Ray’shee Warren(13-1-4KOs) will take place on June 18, 2016.



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