Nike Drops Lance Armstrong

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As if it wasn’t bad enough for the storied legacy of Lance Armstrong, today was a day that he stepped down from the Livestrong cancer-fighting foundation and Nike has dropped his endorsement deal.


After Armstrong was stripped of his Tour de France wins because of a doping charge, it seemed like that would be the bottom for him. However, he stepped down from Livestrong earlier today so that the organization can focus on its mission, rather than the doping allegations against its founder. Nike then dropped him saying they do “not condone the use of illegal performance enhancing drugs in any manner,” and continuing to reassure that they will still support the Livestrong initiative.


Along with the loss of the endorsement deal, Nike has announced that they will change the name of the Lance Armstrong Fitness Center, a building named after Armstrong at the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.


This has been a quick fall to the long legacy that Armstrong left behind.


As of now, Armstrong’s other sponsors (Oaklay, Honey Stinger and FRS) have continued to stand by his side, but it has not been determined if they will do so in the future.
By: Brandon Williams Member of the Football Writers Association of America


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