NFL Head Coaches to Watch in 2020 NFL Season

Author: Sonali


What makes football such a fascinating game is the convoluted strategy that we watch through every part of the game. The unparalleled coaching skills make it way interesting. The drama where two brilliant coaches are put into opposition with some extraordinary players is amazing to watch. There are not many positions in football as important as NFL head coaches.

For a team, having a great coach is not less than having an extraordinary quarterback — while the latter would help the team become a Super Bowl contender, the former would decide to take the team to the winning end of the game. The era in which the NFL is being played has some real gem head coaches. Be it future Hall of Famers' like Bill Belichick, Andy Reid, or the much younger coaches like Kyle Shanahan — all of them are simply brilliant.

Let’s look at some of these high-spirited head coaches who are going to be there in the NFL season 2020:

  1. Mike Tomlin

Team: The Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League

Tomlin is the youngest of the American football coaches to have led the team in NFL history to win a Super Bowl. At the age of 36, he became the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl XLIII against the Arizona Cardinals. But, all through his coaching career he never received the kind of appreciation that a coach like him deserves. Even at the age of 48, in 2020 season, he is on the hot-seat & he deserves this extension for real.

Among all the active coaches, Tomlin with a record of 133-74-1 & the fourth-best winning percentage (.642) is one of the top coaches in the team. With his high-spirited guidance, he keeps his team glued together even under extreme conditions. Many other teams respect him as much as his fans do.

  1. Bill Belichick.

Team: New England Patriots of the National Football League.

William Stephen Belichick, the American professional football coach was also made the general manager of New England Patriots for the authority, he exercised over the team’s football operation. Not only among the top coaches of his generation, but he is also the best coach in the National football leagues’ history. In fact in the history of the sports, he will always be counted as one of the top coaches, and the track record he has created — can probably never be topped. Maybe his personality could not ever fit the media frame, but his six Super Bowl rings definitely would. He is going to be one of the seasons’ top contenders with his 31 playoff wins, nine Superbowl appearances, and six Superbowl wins. Given the fact that Tom Brady is the centerpiece for the team, Belichick’s legacy is no less. Even when he is going to be the oldest coach (68 years) this season, his boisterous personality & exuberant energy is unique and can create another decade of history.

  1. John Harbaugh.

Team: Baltimore Ravens of the National Football league.

John W. Harbaugh, the American football coach, had served as the special team’s coach for the team Philadelphia Eagles for around nine years and had coached their defensive backs. Baltimore’s inning with Eagles showcases there be no need for an offensive or defensive coordinator for a team. Currently, he is the coach for the Baltimore Ravens, and he has been there for over a decade. From a Super Bowl ring to a 118-74 record — he has many records to his name. Harbaugh’s high-spirited energy can help the Ravens win the game. Harbaugh’s special talent to save his players and come up with the best his players’ — works like his magic wand. The decisions to work with John Harbaugh has been a catalyst for creating amazing stories of success for the Ravens.

  1. Sean Payton.

Team: New Orleans Saints of the National Football league.

Sean Payton is the former American football player who is currently the head coach of the New Orleans Saints of the National Football League. At Central High School and Eastern Illinois University, Payton was a quarterback. In 1987 and 1988, he played professional football also. He has had a remarkable journey as a coach. New Orleans Saints’ decision to legitimately trade Payton in 2017, has been paying off until now. He is the most intense and sharpest coach in the NFL. Being vocal about everything makes him unique and also precise in his approach. His remarkable 131-77 record is more than impressive. Payton had helped players like Drew Brees to become the best quarterbacks of the National Football league. The work he has done makes for enough proof of his brilliance.



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