NFL: Who Will Win The Defensive Player Of The Year

Author: Mansi

This year’s NFL will be back on track, just like a lot of other sports are, after the coronavirus lockdown. While the games will be played in empty stadiums, that shouldn’t change a thing for bettors looking for the best lines. The Defensive Player of the Year will be the focus of our article today - this is simply because it is one of the hardest to pick correctly. Why is this the case? Because statistics move wildly and it also depends on the breakout teams. 

Of course, breakout stars aren’t the only ones who win this title because some existing greats continuously prove why they deserve it. For example, Aaron Donald has 12 sacks over six seasons as his average. You can’t disregard stats like that while taking a shot at this wager. Let us look at a few different kinds of players. This will help us weed through existing favorites, predict a few breakout stars, and even help us hedge bets in this category, where it is more important than ever. 

Nick Bosa, The 49ers

It might be a little unfair to compare him to Aaron Donald. Donald has a lot more experience and consistency in his gameplay over the seasons. He’s on his way to be inducted in the Hall of Fame, and he is coming off some great winning streaks, boosting his confidence. The LA Rams, however, don’t really look like they will make it big in the playoffs. Their issue is team-wide - they have issues with their roster which requires a lot more talent on it, and depth too. This could be crippling for Donald as he may not get the exposure that he deserves. 

This is why a better pick over Donald would be Nick Bosa. It’s his second-year playing in the NFL, and he has the right support with the 49ers to shine bright this season. His rookie season stats are top-notch, and this is despite the fact that he was injured. He played alongside his supporting player Dee Ford, who was also injured. Yet, the two of them managed to stand out. 

He had nine sacks in that one season alone. He helped with pushing the defense up and made the team’s defense much stronger. Anyone who adds value to the 49er’s defense must have great potential, and that is exactly what he brings. This will be a show to watch for sure, especially when the team goes up against teams such as the New York Jets, Miami, and Washington. 

Most of this will be in their out-of-division games, but it is worth the wait for pure viewing pleasure. From nine to double-digit sacks, if Bosa can up his game this time around and get a few more sacks in, he will be in the contest to win the title. It would require nothing short of a miracle for someone else to beat his record once, it goes into the double- digits. 

Danielle Hunter, Minnesota Vikings

The past five seasons have been incredibly good for this pass-rusher. His three out of the past five seasons have been near perfect. His gameplay is a treat to watch, even if you remove the betting element of it. He truly is someone worthy of this title. He’s only 25 years old right now, and this may be his most challenging season yet, because Everson Griffin isn’t playing, so he will have to pick up a few duties. 

He recorded 29 sacks in the past two years total. He’s young but experienced. His talent is easy to perceive even for a casual fan. The wager on him is truly underpriced, so you should be able to exploit it well. Although there are a few other young players like T J Watt and Chandler Jones, Hunter has better value and his stats really prove it. This could make for a great win.

Tre’Davious White, Buffalo Bills

White is underrated to the extent that people have been hoping for great value bets everywhere. He has the advantage of a strong team that makes plays and sacks happen for him, which is always a winning formula. But he isn’t just piggybacking off the team’s effort. He is a star player, and it shows every time he plays. 

This time around, he can be in the running for the title only if the Bills also make it far enough into the season. Josh Norman has joined the team as the second cornerback, and this should aid White only further. If the offense thinks Norman is the more difficult target, White will have the stage to show his moves off. 

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