The New Orleans Saints' RB Alvin Kamara Open To Trade

Author: Mansi


Alvin Kamara, one of the star players of the New Orleans Saints, is expected to be open for trading from the New Orleans Saints as per some close reports. With this news coming to us, we also are getting some information that Alvin isn't attending practice sessions of the team which is undoubtedly an indication that something is abnormal between the team management & Alvin Kamara. 

Since 2017 no one can match his skills when it comes to running back in the NFL. His stats tally is just the dream table for any player of his age. This 25 years old has been a part of the team New Orleans Saints since 2017. He has played more than 45 games for this team. He has shown the best skills about rushing back while playing for the New Orleans Saints. 

Therefore if this trade is assumed to be accurate, then it will surely hurt the chances of the New Orleans Saints of winning the tournament. He has been a phenomenal player so far from them. He never let the team down whenever they were in need. He has attempted more than 450+ rushing while playing for the New Orleans Saints since 2017. 

Kamara was expected to earn $2.4 million from the season 2020, but as reports suggest that he is open for trade, other teams will surely want to capitalize on this opportunity. While we are searching a lot about Alvin Kamara, one news from the NFL has been received. 

It points that the Cincinnati Bengals have extended their contract for four years with their critical running back player Joe Mixon. This trade has been finalized four $48 million. Therefore, by looking at this state, one can easily imagine what will happen if Alvina Kamara gets open to the trade.

Alvin Kamara had a poor performance in the previous season due to some injuries. He had only about 1330 yards from scrimmage in the last season. He also finished the season with the lowest of 6 touchdowns in the whole season as well as 5.3 yards per touch. 

It could be a reason the team management is thinking of trading him in this season. But you surely can't drop any star player like Alvin just due to low performance considering his injury issues. But if the team management decides to do the same, they will have to be ready with their back up plan.

With Jamal Murray taking enough responsibilities last year, he may get promoted for leading this season. This news came out when the Saints running back coach hinted about Jamal Murray's leading abilities. "He is a pro & ready to go" were the words which came from Joel Thomas the running back coach of the New Orleans Saints when asked about Jamal. Looking at the recent stats, one can indeed predict that team management seems to be in no worries though they ate trading Alvin Kamara.

When asked about tread details and news to Alvin Kamara & his agent, we don't get any answer regarding confirmation of the information. Because according to them no one has contracted them for the deal and the relation between team management & Alvin Kamara has been satisfactory for the last few days. They don't forget to add that team management is planning to increase deal extensions for the next few years, making it beneficial for both the team & Alvin.

When some reporters tried to contact Alvin Kamara, he was cool with his words & didn't have any panicked things to notice. He said that he had a talk with his agent & there is nothing to worry about the contract. If there has been any news, he indeed has opened it in front of all. When it comes to contract & team management, Alvin Kamara never interrupts the thing. He further added that his agent & team management are mature enough to make good decisions.

While all this talk was going on around the corner, Alvim Kamara was back with his teammates and was seen practicing for the match against Tampa Bay. Therefore by looking at this picture it is unlikely that they are going to break the contract with each other. So, we hope that Alvin Kamara will not break his contract.

Final Words

With all the rumors going here & there about the trading, and other things related to NCAAF, this season is likely to be more energetic despite the absence of fans in the stadium as a safety measure of COVID-19.



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