Titans Violates the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Author: Sonali


There was an investigation launched to establish whether the Tennessee Titans have violated the health and safety protocols of the league. Violation of these protocols could lead to a huge fine, loss of draft picks & more. Per a report, Titans gathered at Montgomery Bell Academy for a workout session on September 30 even after the league had already directed not to hold any such gathering until the practice facility was closed after the coronavirus outbreak. 

The reports revealed that Titans were found working out in the field of the school while classes were being conducted. Among a large number of football players, Quarterback Ryan Tannehill also attended the practice session. This investigation by the NFL into this matter related to the Titans was focused on Shane Bowen, the coach. Bowen was the first person to have tested positive for COVID-19 and was the first one to have had a lack of mask usage. As of the latest reports, as many as 20 members have tested positive for coronavirus. 

Tennessee's Week 5 matchup

The Week 5 matchup that was to be held against the Buffalo Bills is now at stake with the match against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Week 4 matchup was postponed to Week 7. It looks like the Titans are on the way of falling down. The team has become the center for the outbreak of coronavirus leading to their Week 4 battle against the Pittsburgh Steelers getting rescheduled. 

There have been in total 18 positive coronavirus positive tests within the last six days. This has happened after all the precautionary measures were taken, the practice facilities being closed, and with all the meetings being conducted virtually. 

On October 5 & October 6, there were no coronavirus cases, but on a consequent day, the numbers got pushed to 20 after two additional positive cases surfaced. This led to the match against Buffalo Bills putting the Week 5 matchup in complete jeopardy. 

The Indignation of commissioner Roger Goodell. 

With the name of the team floating around to have been the reason for the spread of COVID-19, it is going to be the first team to face the indignation of commissioner Roger Goodell. If this violation is found to be true and the Titans are found to have violated the COVID-19 protocols, it will have to bear the consequences. 

Per the reports, the Titans have also violated the league’s protocol of having absolutely zero contact with each other when the NFL along with NFLPA supervised the process of cleaning & to investigate anything that was done in the wrong way. There are proofs of images taken by students in which the adult football players are seen working out at the Montgomery Bell Academy. 

Per various reports, the NFL is investigating the matter to find out if there was this involvement of Titans. If this investigation result comes out to be true then the team will have to face a huge fine along with loss of draft picks. The investigation into the matter is underway and the finals reports are expected soon. While the investigation is on, the Titans facility has been closed for now. 


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