Free NFL Pick 6: Las Vegas Raiders vs. Carolina Panthers

Author: Sonali


Las Vegas Raiders accomplish a win, whereas, the Carolina Panthers come off second best at a score of 34-30 respectively.

By running for 93 yards and three touchdowns Josh Jacobs being the center of excellence followed by Derek Carr for 239 yards. The performance of Josh and Derek embraced the team's efficiency to an amazing intensity which proved to be of a lot of snags for the Panthers.

It was the 1stgame for the Las Vegas Raiders after coming from Oakland.

On the flip side, the Panthers being dejected with a defeat, and instead of Christian McCaffrey, coordinator Joe Brady called a handoff to fullback Alex Armah and coach Matt Rhule took hold of the blame for the debacle of the team.

When watched, then the Panthers lost in actuality, but they did strive, struggle, and fought for the entire stretch of the game with Tony Pride scuffling to fetch a good work. But due to Tony’s missing one assignment which delivered a lead to newcomer Henry Ruggs III. Well, the time proved to be unpleasant for the Panthers as their no.1 cornerback Donte Jackson went down in the first quarter followed by Pride’s missing concluding with the conquest.


Though the Panthers lost the game the Carolina debut of “STEADY TEDDY” substituting for Cam Newton due to whom the team acquired an appreciable expanse of incitement. Due to his arrival, the team got an assertiveness that they can win, as Teddy Bridgewater possessed the potential of a well planned and structured athlete and if worked on him then the upshot can be an astounding one. Teddy Bridgewater will also be a good fit for the NFL in Charlotte. He needs to improve and work on some of his aspects and genre, and with regular practice; we can see a wave of win. On the other hand, Cam Newton was all set for his outstanding accomplishment as he was on the way for a winning journey debut in New England.

Rather than touchdowns, the teams’ supposed three drives climaxed in field goals.


Post the decision of the Cowboys not to re-sign the franchise’s best tight end, Jason Witten signed with the Raiders.

Well, Johnathan Abram is way too delighted to be back on the game because an untimely injury led him to play in defensive Paul Guenther’s system for a year. His happiness was immense.

The Raiders’ offense manifested to be of real benefit as it went on to enhance the team’s effectiveness to a huge level. From this they were able to rise greater than 130 rushing yards. Josh Jacobs being the star of the play, putting up three touchdowns, and a total of 136 yards. When asked how’d he feel about his incredible performance, he said that it felt as usual as a routine. Coach Gruden was tremendously gratified with his work.

Derek Carr also qualified for an amazing accomplishment. The Panther’s defense couldn’t dismiss him even once, and he maintained a consistent outlook the entire game which led him to a gracious performance. He also gave a small speech on the formulating strategies which led to the teams’ success. 

The three observation from the Raider’s opening season are:

Josh Jacobs has prospered and emerged to be a well planned and calculated sportsman.

The O- Line passed out with application by dominating.

The timing of defense was just as perfect as it looked.


It was highly intense for the audience to watch, wait and see who exactly wins at the end cause both the teams were mind-blowing performers possessing extraordinary players with astounding skills. The level of intensity rose to such a height that the audience had to encounter several nail-biting moments in the game. Well, this suspense and fidgety of the game did create a huge uproar into the media which led to a huge up-gradation of the TRP which was alone obtained by this game.

Though the CAROLINA PANTHERS lost till the end they put up well and agreed with endurance which portrayed the vigorous distinctiveness and originality of the team.

The two teams differ a lot from each other, but the one thing that both the teams own in common is the fierceness, and the hunger to glory and triumph with proper and real strategies and plans that lead the path towards success.



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