Best Game Prediction: New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears

Author: Mansi


Though losing at 26-16 in the first week against the Pittsburgh Steelers and 19-14 in 2019 against the Bears, The NEW YORK GIANTS don't let the defeat get them. After heading back to Chicago, they keep on practicing, and work out for the big game against THE CHICAGO BEARS and looking forward to climbing back to .500. This game of the Giants against the Bears will be their first game under coach Joe Judge.

On the other side, the Chicago Bears headed into the fourth quarter by winning the opener against the Detroit Lions in the first week by scoring a 17 point 2nd half deficit all credit going to Mitch Turbisky as he finished with 242 yards passing and three touchdowns. Still, in the case of the running game, it was amazingly performed by David Montgomery with scoring sixty-four yards. This win of the Bears against the Lions boosted the team's confidence, strength, and energy; therefore they won't stop here. They are looking forward to making it 2-0 with a victory at home against the Lions.

Three exciting things to watch in this game

1. Allen Robinson being the target!

Allen Robinson is the best performer in the team that has procured a lot of attention, this week. This can be a bit of a problematic scenario for the Giants for a win, but the question arises- Will the Giants put James Bradberry to cover Robinson? Well the coach of the Giants, Pat Graham shares his intuition into how he goes on to build that decision.

According to him, nothing can be assumed or predicted because the whole league is so people-driven that the entire concept depends on the match-up as nothing is certain. Anything at any-point can happen or may not happen, but that can't be foreseen. Also, he is mentioned as the best cover guy of a particular team, will he be the right one to cover the best player of the opponent's team? What if the other team consists of the perimeter corner as the best player but a slot, the shifty guy is the best player of the opposite faction?

Henceforth, nothing can be said or obtained because all the players possess a different set of skills and which player would be set against who is like the most uncertain phenomena. If anyone's making a bet on this, he may have to always go down with an empty pocket. 

PREDICTION- It will be a wise decision to shadow Robinson on the perimeter and use the combination of Ryan and Holmes on the inside.

Well, the Bears on the opposite side have their outstanding performer Anthony Miller, who is supposed to give a tough competition to the Giants.

Last year Robinson scored six passes for 131 yards and a touchdown against the Giants. 

2. Will Darius Slayton and Daniel Jones will be able to keep the spirit of the team?

Some days are good, and some are bad. But if I looked into the debut season of Darius Slayton, it was not a good one. It was kind of terrifying for him as he suffered from a hamstring injury which caused him to miss the first two games of the season.

But when he returned from overcoming all these problems, his return coincided with Daniel Jones’s first career start. Since that day, Slayton has been tied for the NFL lead.

Since the very first day of Jones and Slayton's meet, they have been the same. Their bond and chemistry kept on forming through each game they played together as well in the game organized workouts. Their bonding led to impressive results in the game, and the audience wanted to know whether it’s their friendship or both their skillsets merged or what precisely that is showing to such good scores. 

3. Will Khalil Mack qualify to play?

The last time the Giants were in the Windy City, the Bears' star pass rusher knocked down the game due to his ankle injury. Similarly, Robert Quinn also suffered an ankle injury leading to him not playing in the first week.

Therefore, due to their injuries, they are off the game now. But if they are to return then the New York Giants will be facing losing propositions as they also have to keep the pressure off Jones. 


It will be a fun game to watch due to its various factors, and above all, the never-ending spirit of the team.


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