Week 11 Picks For Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Florida Gators

Author: Mansi


College football has been tremendously hot this season. However, fans aren't allowed to enjoy the game from the stands. Players are getting used to this new normal. Despite being in a bio bubble set by the football club authorities, players are enjoying their teammates' company. Likewise, they aren't allowed to breach the protocol, or else they would be going for the quarantine period. This season is perfect in many aspects. Some new youngsters made their appearance in this season, which was worth it. However, few of the senior players showed their class this season. 

In the 11th week of this season, the Arkansas Razorbacks and Florida Gators are all set to face each other. So keeping this in mind, every bettor and fantasy gamer would be preparing for a perfect team combination. However, this is possible only with excellent analysis and data available. Therefore, to make this task easy, we are here with this article. In this article, you will come across players you should pick in your fantasy team, and their overall records this season. Rather than wasting time here, let's move to the useful stuff. 

Player to watch from the Arkansas Razorbacks 

Feleipe Franks 

The Arkansas Razorbacks must be blessed with a player like Feleipe Franks in their squad. With him being in their team, opponents might be feeling dull considering his performance this season. He has been an absolute savior for the Arkansas Razorbacks' side this season. Feleipe has played eight games for the Arkansas Razorbacks this season. However, from those eight games, he has 288 passing attempts. From those 288 attempts, he had success in 155 passes. This shows his consistency this season. With those successful passes, his passing completion percentage goes to 68%.

This number undoubtedly makes you fall for him, and he becomes a number one choice for your fantasy team or betting side. However, Feleipe also has 2017 yards covered this season, most by any player from the Arkansas Razorbacks sides. Therefore, if you have to win any of the bets related to this game or fantasy game, then Feleipe becomes an essential player for you. Dropping him would undoubtedly hurt your chances of winning that money.  

Player to watch from the Florida Gators 

Kyle Trask

Kyle Trask has been a perfect find for the Florida Gators this season. With Kyle being on their side, they have won many games single-handedly. However, this season is proving out to be his season. He has his dream game momentum so far, and the team management must be hoping for the same impetus to continue till the season ends. In the nine games, he played for his side, he has been a phenomenon with the passing section. Kyle has 322 passing attempts this season in those nine games. 

This attempt shows his dominance over opponents and balls. He is one of the most active players on the park. From those 322 attempts, he made 230 successful attempts. However, this number shows his perfection level this season. With those 230 successful passing attempts, his success percentage goes near about 72%.

This has to be the best passing percentage ever in NFL history. Therefore, dropping this player won't be a good idea. Because leaving him out of the team, will be like an attempt for losing the game. Kyle also has 3243 passing yards this season; this number is increasing in every game. However, this number has to be the most significant number anyone had in a single season. If you have to win all the bets you are playing, then this man becomes very important for you. Without him, you can't compete with other players. 

Final Words 

Betting is all about predictions, and sometimes predictions may go wrong. Therefore, despite losing a few bets, don't stop playing this game because it will give you happiness for a long time.


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