NFL 2020 Midseason Surprises To Know

Author: Mansi


This year the NFL has rolled out lots of surprises making the tournament more exciting. Most of the predictions are going down the drain as new players have taken the onus to maximum possibility. Some established players like Brady have taken a backseat giving away the spotlight to newcomers. AS the season is proceeding in its week 13, and the results are panning out to show us the final winners, let us have a look at the surprises this tournament has offered to carry it forward for the foreseeable future.

Kenyan Drake from Arizona Cardinals:

The new emerging player Kenyan Drake being the star of the 2019 season has had a shady season this year with considerable downfalls. Though his game has been upgraded and improved, he is not able to make a breakthrough like the one he had in 2019. A lot was riding in this youngster, and his performances have recently slid down to a larger extent while looking to settle to form. Being the pillar of the offense of Arizona, his touchdowns have touched a low, and his defense has also not seen a significant rise with 127 receptions. The recent game against the Rams was a tragedy for the Cards, as they were going strong till the last minute. Drake did offer his best 4-yard touchdowns elevating the chances for victory as the Rams squeezed in the play by winning 38-28 margin.

Dante Fowler from Atlanta Falcons:

So much was expected from Fowler who declined his performance to a considerable low. He was idolized for the offense in the previous season, while it has reduced below than 50 pressures this year. His recent performances from week 12 established the poor-form he has been struggling with as he totaled less than 16 snaps this year. He will be looked ahead for replacements in the future games, where Mariner could fill in the place.

Lamar Jackson from Baltimore Ravens:

Riding strong on offense, the Ravens team carved a milestone in the previous season’s NFL. Lamar Jackson’s heroic efforts pillared the team to a new level in the previous season as he strode to a high ranking 82.5 in 2019. This year has seen upside-down efforts from Jackson where he hit a low with his performances. Recent performances slid down very badly that the whole team got pulled down to 23rd rank. Jackson was taken away from this week’s game plan as he suffered Covid-19 woes. He is expected to return to the fore as soon as possible.

Buffalo Bills:

A team that once ruled in defense going all over top, had reversed totally to go low in rankings in defense. This was a team that had a good season ranked 4th defense and 22nd in the offense has had an upside-down journey where they rule in offense ranking 4th, while their defense has hit a considerable low. Josh Allen has elevated the offense for the team where he averages a heavy 86.8 career-high average. Their defense has touched rock bottom, with no one contributing heavily in that department.

Carolina Panthers:

A team that has seen the greener side of the tournament has gone to another level with Cornerback players. Cornerbacks generally support the team for their push of last-minute turnovers, but a team that is reliable mostly on cornerback is a surprise beyond imagination. Players like Elder and Jackson make them special in this department winning almost most of the games with brilliant average. We are yet to see their placements this year’s final.

Chicago Bears: Hicks

Hicks, being the pillar of defense ruling his game as a lineman from 2016 to 2019 has not seen a brighter side this season. He has 32 pressures total as a rusher. The team has had reasonable success, but Hick’s performance has not seen a fresh start.



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