How Ohio Buckeyes And Terrapins Would Level Up Their Game?

Author: Mansi


The season of school-level football has its ups and downs this season. Some teams met their expectations, while some of them couldn't. This was the first tournament of football after the long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this affected the body language of players drastically. Some key players can't manage to perform according to their levels, while some youngsters didn't have a promising debut. The team management won't be happy with players who didn't meet their expectations. However, this is usual for every player. They undoubtedly know how to bounce back from this situation. 

Likewise, this season wasn't right for the Ohio Buckeyes and Terrapins. Neither their prime players nor any youngsters were up to the mark. This created a big void in their line-ups; due to the consistent failure of some players, they were forced to change their playing line-up. This undoubtedly affected their game plan. Because few players in the squad are meant to execute the game plan which was earlier set up by the team management. However, with the absence of those players, it became difficult for the team to perform well this season. However, to strike back well in the next season, they'll have to perform very well. 

How can the Ohio Buckeyes perform well?

If the Ohio Buckeyes have to perform well next season, they'll need to improve a lot on their offense. There was a time when the Ohio Buckeyes used to have one of the most potent offenses of the school level.  But with the passing years, their prime players got traded, which is where they came on the backfoot. 

However, with Justin Fields by their side, they will undoubtedly think to stabilize their offense next season because the Ohio Buckeyes are always known for their offense. Most of their game plans depend upon how the offense performs. Therefore, if they have to win most of the games next season, they will have to find new trading faces. They won't get a player like JK Dobbins, but they need to find players who can make them win games. Without an excellent offensive line, it's always difficult to beat any of the opponents. 

Apart from the offense, what they would have to do is have a strong base of defensive players. For a long time, we see that they have a weaker defense compared to other teams. This is where opponents choke Ohio. However, with one good player on the defense side, they can manage to pull the games to their sides. With these two combinations getting successful, they can undoubtedly beat any opposition on a given day.

How can Maryland Terrapins perform well?

If we take a glance at the side of Maryland Terrapins, we'll find nothing fishy. They have an excellent offensive unit. They also have the best defense. In the like manner, their leader leads from the front. Still, they aren't getting good results when it comes to actual games. However, the main reason behind this whole mess up is nothing but the execution of the game plan. The Maryland Terrapins have always messed up with their team combination and game plan. However, they make a Plan A and execute Plan B. This undoubtedly creates confusion in players' minds. 

However, team management has accepted this fact and promised their fans that they'd bounce back more robust in the next season. But to make that statement real, they'll have to take a camp of all the players. A coach needs to talk with all the playing players and ask for better execution of a plan. We all know how strong, and competitive the team is. But if they manage to execute the game plan pretty well, they can beat any side next season.

However, to make this possible, they need to freshen up the player's mind, which is rusty. This rustiness is due to the long gap they had to COVID-19 protocols and Lockdown. If they manage to win over this situation, they can win and win big over their oppositions. 


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