What Could Lead Buffalo Bills To Beat Kansas City Chiefs?

Author: Mansi


The upcoming battle will be a tough call as both the teams have to pick themselves up from the shackles of their past games. Their one-off on Monday evening is going to be the most expected tussle as their playoff dreams are too tantalizing.

Although Chiefs have topped their games with their offense strength in the NFL with Patrick Mahomes riding the team’s victory in most of the outings, their last game against Raiders have shaken up things a little for them to worry about. They gave away 40 points to the opponents compromising their game to settle an unexpected loss.

If Chiefs have to swallow this unconvincing loss, all things have not been greener for Bills either. The Bills having patches of bad records in defense struggled with their biting teeth against a witty Titans who conceded a 42 points victory. Of course, the Titans are a better team when compared to the stuttering Bills, but this kind of defeat that stunned people is a disgrace Bills have to work on. John Brown’s absence must have cost them a boost in their confidence which slightly put the team’s chances in jeopardy.

So what it takes for the bills to overcome Kansas City Chiefs is going to be the tossing of players and their chances. We have seen the best days for both the teams who have displayed their best performance in the recent past as their ranking suggests. They have had their heydays, we are yet to witness their chances against each other which is going to be a thrilling watch.

Knowing the offense of Chiefs, Bills will have to strive their best to settle any chance of shady victory. Josh Allen will be the key as a lot will be riding on this Quarterback guy. Of course, this has been a common sight of this season as people have looked at it as a recurring surprise. 

The defense will be the trump card for both the teams and whichever team can place their odds in defense can straight away dream for playoffs. Bills have to really up their ante against the Chiefs who have topped the ranks with the offense and done better in defense. We could call that better as a comparison with Bills can right royally claim the Chiefs as better in defense.

Chief’s last game against the Raiders was a disaster as their defense hit a massive low. Even Patrick Mahomes’s 34 catches for 348 yards and Hillarie’s 14 carriers for 69 yards could not surface their chances for victory. The Raiders had an easy flow with Dewer Carr’s 23 catches for 275 yards and winning with 490 yards of offense.

If tragedy for Chiefs had been unbearable, Bills had their worst against Titans shattering any little hopes for the team. They could not stand the toughness of Tannehill in the second half who turned the game one-sided at ease. They gave away 3 touchdowns against their opponents leaving us to wonder their aptitude for any defense. Their last season has been an upswing in defense as they compromised only 16.2 points on the whole.

Tre'davious White returns to the team for this one-off, and it will be interesting to see him polished the defense for the team. His battle against the Chiefs will roll the dice for Bills to save them from any shabby display of defense.

So the real essence of the battle will be how Allen matches up to Patrick Mahomes. On the paper, as stats suggest, Allen looks a little mightier than Mahomes with 1589 passing yards and 14 touchdowns. The real question will be whether he would repeat his best tricks this time. Allen and Brown’s combination is expected to turn chances for Bills. Helaire’s form will also play an important factor. If all this blend works together at its best while tipping their efforts in defense, the Bills can enjoy a safe victory against the Chiefs.



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