Week 10 Matchup: Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Author: Sonali Pathak


Football games are undoubtedly giving goosebumps to every fan these days. However, every team is trying to outplay their opponents in each game. With this being a situation, players are also getting into their original shape after a long break of six months. All the players are eager to perform high for their respective teams and make their team management happy.

In this manner, betting and fantasy games are also getting back to normal. Therefore, every bettor and fantasy player is trying to put their money on stakes for a few games. 

However, for those people, the game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders will be worth investing in. Both these sides are performing well this season. Therefore, to help the bettors and fantasy players. We are here with this article. In this article, you will find players you should pick in your team, their recent performances, and overall statistics. However, this will undoubtedly help you to win a maximum amount via bets and fantasy games. 

Players to pick from the Las Vegas Raiders 

Derek Carr 

Team management of the Las Vegas Raiders must be happy with the performance of Derek Carr this season. He has been a savior for their team this season. Derek has played 13 games for the Las Vegas Raiders this season. Derek has 440 passing attempts this season for the Las Vegas Raiders. However, this number undoubtedly goes on increasing in every game. Out of those 440 passing attempts, he has 300 successful attempts. With this much success in this season, you can't drop him from your playing squad. His passing attempts with this number go to 68%, which gives an idea about his performance this season. Derek has 3343 passing attempts this season, the maximum by any player from their side. Derek also has 24 touchdowns to his name this season. Therefore picking Derek in your squad will undoubtedly give you a chance of winning the bets and fantasy game in this match. 

Josh Jacobs 

Josh has been a phenomenon from the rushing section this season for the Las Vegas Raiders. However, his trading worries of rushing for the Las Vegas Raiders went off. Josh has been part of this team for the last 12 games.  In those 12 games, being a rushing player he has attempted 219 passing attempts. This is the most number of passing attempts by any rushing players from the Las Vegas Raiders. Josh also has 831 rushing yards this season. However, dropping him from your squad will undoubtedly cost you a whole game. Because his being in the team can cause maximum damage to the opposition team. Josh also averages nearly four points per game. Therefore, in the game against the Los Angeles Chargers, he becomes a necessary pick in your fantasy squad. 

Players to pick from the Los Angeles Chargers 

Justin Herbert 

The Los Angeles Chargers are completely relying on their quarterback player Justin Herbert this season. Justin has turned out to be a backbone for his team this season. Whatever he's doing is giving a good output result for him and his team. Likewise, the team management of the Los Angeles Chargers is completely satisfied with his performance this season. Due to his performance, they can make it up to here in this season.

Justin had played 12 games so far this season. He had attempted nearly 500 passing attempts this season. This shows the intensity he puts into the game while playing for the Los Angeles Chargers. From those 500 passing attempts, he has 331 successful passes. A number that asks us to think about his performance throughout the season. However, this tally shows he has 66% completion when it comes to passing. Therefore, you can pick Justin from the passing section blindly. Justin also has 3467 passing yards this season. Most by any players from the Los Angeles Chargers. 


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