What It Takes For Clemson Tigers To Win The ACC Championship?

Author: Sonali Pathak


As we know, we are at the end of this football league. All the teams were excellent at their performance in this season. Due to the pandemic, the schedule of matches is postponed. This season the management is not allowing the audience to watch the game live. However, the supporters are enjoying this season watching on their TV also supporting their favorite team as well. Even though the matches are not regulated, The beating is going on very well. The supporters show great enthusiasm towards this season 

This season is outstanding for the Clemson Tigers. The performance of Clemson Tigers players was best. After the ten consecutive wins by the Clemons tiger, they placed their rank after Alabama crimson tide. As per stats of this season comparing the team's points, Alabama Crimson Tide is the Clemson Tigers' biggest competition. Alabama Crimson Tide has scored 547 in this season. On the other hand, the Clemson Tigers scored 494 points. However, they lost one game this season in front of Notre dame. But it is considerable. If they won that one match, then the tigers could place their rank at the 1st position. 

We know that the game execution is one of the strongest points Clemons tiger has. They analyze the opponent team and then plan the game. At match time, the tigers execute the plan very well. We have seen these strategies in the earlier games of the tigers. This point they should keep in mind while planning for the finals. Suppose the tigers will not create a full-proof plan for the finals. They would probably lose the title of ACC championship. 

The lead players from the Clemons tigers like T. Lawrence, T. Etienne, etc., should lead the game, and they should give direction to the other team players as they have more experience in the game. The new players from tigers should play with more great sportsmanship. The players like N. Pinckney, who have selected for most of the fun and not spotted much in this season, should work more on that and understand why they are not under the reviewers' spotlight. For winning the ACC championship lead, players should come in front and should take more effort towards the game. 

At the place of B. Spector and N. Pinckney, the couch should replace a more consistent player. The best way to replace these players is to give youngsters a chance. The fire on their own will speak more than themselves. They will perform excellently in the finals to win the title.

As we know, a lot of players are suffering from injuries this season. Football is a sport where players get injured on the steps. However, it is a risky sport, but all the players play sportingly and compromise their healthy lifestyle. For winning, the players of Clemons tigers should play safely. The leading players from the tigers should never get injured in the finals. If it happens, there will be no leader in the team. Ultimately the coordination will get affected, which causes a small mistake and leads to an enormous loss. 

The offense of the tigers is great, and they should maintain it. They provide the 163.8 rates of offense while rushing. Also, their offense of passing is 163.8, which is excellent. To win the title of the ACC championship, they should maintain it and offend the opponents neatly. 

Final Words:

This season Clemons Tigers played excellently. They have applied great strategies for the opponent's team, which is excellent for their game stats. In the final match, the players off Clemons tiger should play the same as before. They should apply the best strategy. Also, they have worked on defense techniques. It would be great if they give a chance to youngsters. They will give their best to earn the title of ACC championship. 



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