Key Reasons For Tennessee Volunteers To Beat Alabama Crimson Tide

Author: Mansi


The only good thing in 2020 is the reopening of the world to the people and getting stadiums to play various sports. We are heading to the NCAA Football League, i.e., the National Collegiate Athletic Association football league held by the United States of America.


The College Football League has just started. Due to the pandemic, we can see the audience is not there to watch the match live. They are watching games on TV at home. Still, we can see the great enthusiasm of players as well as viewers towards the game. The players are performing excellent in this season, and the picture should remain the same till the end. The betting is also going excellent. Bettors are betting on every single match.


After a good start, most of the teams are excellent in their performances. Some teams are not happy about the slow start in this season. But still, they have an entire season to improve their game. 


Today, let's have a quick look at Key Reasons For Tennessee Volunteers To Beat Alabama Crimson Tide. So without wasting time, have a look at it.


As we know, the Alabama Crimson has set the bar really, very high by winning all the games till now. They have played four games this season and won, all with a considerable difference in the score. A face-off with texas was the best game of this season. They had not given a single chance to Texas to win the game. On the other side, Tennessee Volunteers had a great start in the beginning. Tennessee had played four games this season. However, the first two games were incredible for Tennessee volunteers. But after that, they lost two games one by one with a significant difference.


When the Tennessee volunteers have the ball, the offense has to get better now. Jarrett Guarantano is the most consistent player in the volunteers. He should come In front and start all the upcoming matches. Also, he should draw a path for youngsters. At the time of kickoff, Tennessee volunteers should keep a ball on their side. And pass in continuously. 


The best performance of the Tennessee Volunteers came in the Saturday loss at Georgi. Justin Worley had one of the best games of this season. He played excellently against the talented bulldogs’ defense. He had thrown a fantastic throw of 264 yards. Also, they scored three touchdowns in that match. This kind of effort is needed in upcoming games. The Jarret Guarantano is also having a great season this year. However, he should also take the lead and help the new players to perform well. 


While rushing, Tennessee should use the youngsters to defend the opponent's players from troubling their players. The consistent players should take a ball in hand and try to score some touchdowns. Eric Great should come in front and attempt the rushes in the second half when the players are tired. 


The injury should not happen in the entire game. Most importantly to those who are consistent in the season like Jarret Guarantano, Harrison Bailey, etc. But no one can predict the injuries that happen in the game. However, this match seems one-sided. If the volunteers are successful in defense, then the game would be in Tennessee's hand. In contrast, if they failed, then they should have the guts to digest a huge loss. 


Final Words:


As we know, Alabama Crimson Tide is a tough competition for the volunteers. The volunteers are quite demotivated by their recent performance. They should defend the opponent's rushers neatly. And keep the ball far from the players. The experienced players should give directions to the new players in the team. And most importantly, the passes and throws should be done in huge numbers.



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