The Quarterbacks In The Recruiting Class Of 2022

Author: Megha


School football has always been in the limelight due to its recruiting agendas. However, every team tries to make the most through recruitment. Their primary intention from the recruitment is nothing but forming a stable core of the group. However, this group may give them consistent performance throughout the season. The quarterback has always been considered an essential asset for every team. Therefore, each side tries to improve their quarterbacks in each trading season. Class of 2022 is considered a hell of a thriller. 


Every side was looking for the best Quarterbacks of all the time. He is none other than Quin Ewers. As soon as Texas released him from their squad, many sides started preparing to pick him in their side. However, Ohio State gave a successful shot in recruiting him for their sides. Ewers was one of the main reasons why Texas was in the right touch last season. He had 4003 yards for Texas last season. This was the individual best for Texas from so many seasons.  


Quin Ewers also managed to have 45 touchdowns and three interceptions to his name last season. Initially, he wasn't open to recruitment. However, after a few days, he emptied himself for recruitment and announced the same through his official Twitter handle. He thought that he hadn't given himself a chance to explore his skills in this game. In his official Twitter statement, he also said that, Because of this Covid-19 pandemic, every player is suffering. However, he was lucky enough to get support from his parents. Due to their courtesy, he can divert his recruitment in the right way.  


That's why he has decided to re-commit himself from Texas and reassess every situation. However, after this, he worked hard on his game and made the most robust comeback of his life.  He didn't forget to mention that it's been a challenging situation for all the coaches and team management. However, he is hopeful that everyone would understand his position. 


Being a senior football player, he is always optimistic about his performance. From the initial phase of the gaming period, he has still focused on improvement. Running a long yard is his specialty in this game. However, his improved stamina always turns out to be useful for him. He is also having a good hold over touchdowns. Opposition tries to choke him by using various techniques, but they fail to do so. Therefore, it was expected to have too much rush towards him from every side. Each side was willing to have him on their side. However, he decided to go with Ohio State. 


In his tweet, he mentioned that 'COMMITTED' refers to Ohio State. After this statement, the team management of Ohio State was pleased to have a player like Quin Ewers on their side. They were incredibly in need of a good quarterback to improve their team posture. However, they must be hoping that the inclusion of Quin will solve this problem. Last season was not up to the expectations for them. Their poor offense and defense cost them a whole season. They have some quality players, but when it comes to executing the game plan, they were lacking. Lack of experience has always been a cause of concern for them. Therefore, star players like Quin can become a savior for them in the upcoming season.


Final Words:


Recruitment has always been a favorite part for each side since they can easily cover their weaker areas by picking some good backup options for their sides. However, one team gets fooled by another. They make them greedy for a player and leave him when he's going out of budget. At the same time, another team bids for him on that high budget. This results in a lower remaining balance. Therefore, staying alert in recruitment is a key to success.


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