North Carolina Heels Or Virginia Cavaliers - Who Will Win?

Author: Mansi


One of the most thrilling encounters of this tournament is going to be held between two competitive sides- North Carolina heels and Virginia Cavaliers. Starting the tournament as underdogs, the Virginia Cavaliers have crafted a 5-2 score in their previous seven games. UNC has a score of 4-1 for overall matches played in this tournament.


Rivalries for fans are like the vine, the older it gets people will enjoy it more. The same is true about the rivalry between North Carolina Tar heels and Virginia Cavaliers, they have been playing against each other since 1892 and both teams have shown character and all the matches are worth watching.


Things to expect from  North Carolina


North Carolina has managed to make a strong comeback after a close defeat against the NC state. Thanks to a brilliant performance from their quarterback Sam Howell who managed a score, touchdown, and converting 18 among the 29 passes. 


Some noteworthy performances in that match came by Javonte Williams and Micheal Carter, they managed to run quickly for almost 120 yards collectively. If we consider the head-to-head performance of both sides then North Carolina is leading the battle as they managed to win seven among the last ten matches played between them.


Things to expect from Virginia  


After having an excellent start to the season by beating the dukes, Virginia has lost track in the tournament. Efforts that players have put in the matches do not deserve the results they got. After the comeback of Brennan Armstrong as a quarterback who missed matches due to a concussion and the efforts of Tony Poljan is building confidence in the side. Even though the results of few matches were against them, you cannot take this side for granted they can surely take down any team on their day. Virginia will play with the character against North Carolina.


What can North Carolina do with the Ball?


There are a lot of talks about the quality of offense UNC displayed against the NC state, there is no second thought in mind when it comes to the ability of offense of UNC players. This not only helps them to take advantage of exposing the glitches in the opponent’s defense but also helps their defense to be more strong.


Right now UNC has clear dominance in this tournament and is favorites to win the upcoming match against Virginia. In the past few matches and the one against Miami, the defense of Virginia was exposed.

What can Virginia do with the Ball?


Virginia was not in the best of forms in this tournament, and in such situations, your weaknesses are seen quite clearly. Apart from their defense, they were also lacking in having a good quarterback play. However, after the return of Brennan Armstrong this side looks quite confident, and also the efforts they are putting in each match makes them more fearless.


This site will surely be mocked and tested this Saturday and if they want to do well in this tournament and bring back the movement they have to do well in this match. Key players of both sides have to step-up, and they would be able to give a tough competition.


Final Words


One team is looking to continue the good form while the other team is looking to change the momentum and be back on track, this is what makes the match between UNC and Vigirina an interesting one. Virginia has to play their heart out in this match and for sure they will come harder on Saturday. 



North Carolina is in a good position and is one of the top contenders of the tournament. North Carolina has struggled when they are on the road and looked confident on home soil, this will be an interesting factor that goes in the favor of Virginia. Both the teams coming hard and giving a tough fight makes the ACC championship game interesting. 


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