Value Picks: Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers

Author: Mansi


Two of the heavyweight teams of the tournament will take on each other on Sunday afternoon. Both teams looked promising at the start of the tournament but now their journey of playoffs is going to be a tough one. 


Despite injuries, Green Bay has managed to give a tough fight. However, Green Bay is very inconsistent with their defense, and this will go in the favor of The packers. This is going to be a test of character for both the teams, one who will be able to hold their nerves will win this game and will be fencing their chances for the playoffs.


Atlanta can take down any defense, but this team has lots of issues that they must address and look to improve. When you win the positives can be seen but the weak sides get overshadowed, Atlanta won’t wait for a loss to learn their mistakes and will look to improve in this game itself.  


Reasons for Falcons to cover the spread.    


In the given situation, you can say that the Falcons are having an upper hand in this battle, results won’t justify what they are as an aside. We all expected this team to do well, and they had all the resources that one needs to be in the playoffs. So all the losses, some due to little errors, and some due to unfortunate injuries we can still expect them to make a strong comeback.


If you look at the matches Atlanta has lost, they have managed to dominate for a significant part of the game. In the match against Ravens, they had a great start and looked in a very comfortable position to win the game, but in the latter half, they almost looked like an immature team and lost the momentum and found themselves in such a situation from where it was impossible to make a comeback. 


So for now you can say that both teams are not in good form, but they need this win to keep their hopes alive in this tournament. We can just hope for a good match but to bet on any of them will be tough.


 Reasons for Packers to cover the spread    


The packers are struggling in this tournament, the team that looked confident at the start is now clearly at the backfoot because of some consistent losses. The morale of the team will surely be quite low, especially, after that huge defeat against Arizona in front of their home crowd. This needs to make a strong comeback leaving all the things behind.


If we look at this tournament from the point of view of green bays, they have gone through a lot. Whether it be losses at the crucial stages of firing their head coach or things not going in their favor, the most important thing in sports is that you have to stand up again and show your character to the world.


Now things are not only limited to this tournament, but Green Bay also has to look at it as gaining momentum for upcoming tournaments as well, no matter what had happened with them so far, how well they manage to bounce back will define this team, and they will be able to mark their statement in this tournament.


Final Words:


Atlanta Falcons and green bays both are strong and competitive teams of the league, but the way they have played during the tournament is disappointing to see. Both the teams are not in the best of their forms and not in a good state to pull things back. Green Bay fired their head coach and looking at the future strategies of Atlanta they might do the same.


Very few times such a question arises whether you should be betting on this game or not? Certainly, you can say both teams were good but the way this tournament has gone so far giving a second thought to this question is surely worth it.   


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