Smartest Picks For Bettors: LSU Tigers Vs. Ole Miss Rebels

Author: Mansi


LSU Tigers have developed a kind of rivalry against the Ole Miss Rebels, this rivalry has been entertaining, however, LSU is marginally ahead of the Rebels in this rivalry. If we look at the last six matches between these two teams, LSU has managed to win four out of them.

The story of this tournament has been different so far in this tournament Rebels are looking good and have gained some momentum. So, this would be a terrific match to watch as you can’t say who will come out as a winner. Even this match is evenly poised in the percentage of a win but still some experts claim that the Tigers are having a slight advantage over the Ole Miss Rebels.

Reasons why Ole Miss Rebels would cover the spread

Rebels looked good in this tournament so far, they won a few matches and lost some like a close encounter against Arkansas in the recent time. Rebels had an off-week, and as they made a comeback they looked a bit out of touch, that happens if you are away from the game for a while. However, you expect teams to make a good comeback especially when you are playing a tournament at such high levels.

If we analyze the previous two matches played by Ole Miss Rebels, they did pretty well but lost the matches after coming close. They took the match to the wire against Arkansas. Ole Miss Rebels were comfortably ahead of Arkansas with an almost 10 points lead but in the last few minutes, they allowed the match to slip away from their hands and ended up on the losing side with the defeat of 4 points.

The team that had a lead of 10 points lost it by 34-30 is something that you simply don’t expect from a good side like Ole Miss Rebels. Thanks to Kelly they managed to make a good comeback and as far as he is performing you simply cannot count them off.

Reasons why LSU Tigers would cover the spread


Initially, the LSU Tigers looked 50-50 but now after the entry of Ed Orgeron this team had a boost, and they managed to win the matches against SU and ATS. Les Miles was their head coach at the start of the season and after he got fired it was looking as if LSU Tigers may lose their way in this tournament, however, the firing of the head coach was like a blessing in disguise.


Against the Golden Eagles, they were side by side as both of the teams scored equal points, but in the latter half, LSU Tigers took off and won the game comfortably at the end. LSU Tigers have made some interesting changes and also some brave changes, we often judge the decisions based on the results, and so we can say that the changes had worked for the Tigers.


Final words and top picks for the match


Tigers have planned their way well in this tournament and also under the likes of Leonardo Fournette who will make his comeback after the injury will make this team even stronger. On the other hand, Ole Miss Rebels is again dependent on Kelly to perform well, and this is what makes Ole Miss overdependent on a single player.


For now, both the teams are looking strong but if we see on paper battle LSU Tigers are looking as favorites, the main reason you can go with Tigers is that Ole Miss is highly dependent on Kelly and they have no other star performer at the moment. So for now Tigers have slightly more chances than Ole miss of winning this game, but you cannot completely underplay Ole Miss as they can take down any opponent on their day. Few comeback players for the LSU Tigers and attitude of winning the game of Ole Miss will make this battle an interesting one.



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