College Football Picks: BYU Cougars vs. Navy Midshipmen

Author: Mansi

It is a hard time for Navy Midshipmen as the total score of the team is 3, and that of BYU Cougars is leading with 55. Disappointment is thriving, as Navy Midshipmen has not done well since the first tournament itself. Since from the first match till last the score was zero, team efforts are lacking behind very broadly. The team needs to strive greatly, and bring the score on track. 


Whereas BYU Cougars are playing extensively and driving the score as always. In the first match, the total score of the team was 14, which was appreciated.  In the second match, the total score was 31, better than before. And finally, the third match was set and again The BYU Cougars stood up with 48. Overall, the journey was mesmerizing and overjoyed for the entire team as well as for the fan club. 


This team spirit and entire teamwork framed a successful voyage and today BYU Cougars have owned the top stance. An appreciative journey as always. We can see coordination and management well in a team. And this is the finest reason for a grand victory. We hope we get to see the best out of them.


Aspects to upgrade.


1. The team should select players based on mental, and physical peace.

2. The team should know about time management.

3. The team needs to plan well before getting on the ground.

4. Coordination and balance should exist in a good manner.

5. The team should analyze past mistakes, and improve them in upcoming gaming.

6. A good hit needs good strength, players need to have good strength back up. 

7. The team should inculcate good vibes, as it generates constructive ora. 

8. There should be a proper understanding between players.

9. Maintain proper unity, and act before you play.

10. The team should focus on alertness, perfect trimming. 


Shades of BYU Cougars

Since from the beginning, the team is working out in an enormous tone, here's a conclusion with the fact that the upcoming match will be in favor of BYC Cougars. As all the matches were performed decently, the team will achieve one more victory and sprinkle joy of victory.


Hard work, effortless struggle, lasting stamina, and building a chain of progressive esteem credited victory. The team always focused on stillness before hitting a goal and resulted in huge fame. This formula always worked and the rest is history. BYC proved, hard work pays off.


Opportunities for Navy Midshipmen


When we talk about the opportunity, there are fewer opportunities as the entire team did not do well. The above strategies should be illustrated and followed. The team should select the players who can do better. The team should study every player move from the opposing team, this may help during the match. Though the opportunity is less, still the team should give its best. 


Trying is important rather than winning. The team Navy Midshipmen needs to take a short nap to think about future performance and step forward accordingly. The team should show diversity, there should be alternatives for some moves if in case the player fails to attain, the alternative move can help him out.



Final Words:

As both, the team has a huge difference between the score which clearly states that BYU Cougars will lead this time. Hard luck continues with Navy Midshipmen. If the team Navy Midshipmen strives till the last movement and plays wisely, surely they can conquer the ground. Practicing smartly and improperly wisely can help them a lot.


As we always know the fact about the production, gaming is quite a prediction. One with a good start may lose and a team with poor backing may win. The team Navy Midshipmen should positively take every situation and fight back for victory. Every situation teaches you and charges you to perform better in your future gaming.


Here are luck and best wishes to both teams.


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