Best NHL Betting Tips And Strategies Every Bettor Must Know

Author: Mansi


The NHL, like any other sporting league in the US, has great betting value if you know what you are doing. It’s a given that you should understand the workings of the sport, but there’s also a lot to be learned on the betting side. In this article, we’ll give you some strategies on how to go about betting on the NHL.

Handling your Money

This is the most basic rule anyone will tell you. You should have heard it several times already, but it is always worth mentioning yet again. Don’t look at money management as a short term worry, make it your long-term strategy to profit. This is the number 1 principle even professional bettors play by, so it will do you a lot of good to do the same.  

A good way to do this is by setting aside a specific sum of money that you are willing to use to bet for the whole season of the NHL. Looking at this from the most pessimistic way, it should be the amount of money you’re okay with losing entirely. This amount is difficult to determine as an average because every person has a different risk appetite and income. But an important rule of thumb is to ensure that none of your bets exceed 1 to 3% of your entire sum. Whatever you decide to bet, make sure you don’t put a lot of money into one and very little into another. Maintaining equality will also help you play a more stable game. 

Another piece of advice that doesn’t have to be said, but fans tend to do it anyway is not to bet while drinking. This is worse than placing bets sheerly due to team loyalty or random guts feeling. This could see you make the worst decisions with your money, which is not ideal.

Don’t bet on big favorites

There is a reason some teams have high returns attached to their wagers. It is usually because it is so unlikely that they will win, that even sportsbooks are okay with posting such high returns. Don’t take these bets because you think it’s a one-shot way to win a lot of money, because it isn’t. This is called squares - when people are so loyal or stuck on their beliefs that nothing can change their minds. Placing bets with this attitude is a surefire way to lose all your money, so please make sure you don’t do this. This is the biggest reason new bettors end up losing large amounts of money, and this is what deters them from betting again. 

Basically, squares are nothing but fans who think they know everything, but usually, their opinions are biased or outdated. They are a great source of income for sportsbooks though because they help bring in lots of money. They aren’t bound to lose every time they place their bets, but it is obvious that they won’t be able to sustain their bets in the long-term and end up losing large amounts of money.

If you have this sort of gut feeling or opinion, the worst you can do is put in a lot of money. If you think you can’t go without betting this opportunity, put in the smallest amount possible. A win is a win, no matter the amount. But a loss hurts a lot when the amount is large. 

Best Ways to Bet

Betting isn’t about reading recommendations and following what one of us says. You can’t just have some formulae to do the right thing, but there are a few general pointers worth remembering. They aren’t a sure shot way to win, but nothing is when it comes to betting. These are some principles that people use, tried, and tested by the bettors and statisticians alike. 

  • Place your bets on games where one team is coming off a loss and the other is coming off at least two back-to-back wins. 

  • Don’t take into account the venue and game/away status of a match as a sole factor to your bets. Over the long-term, the effect of playing at home or away is neutralized in wins. 

  • If you think the odds are right, place your bet on a team that is coming from two losses back-to-back when they play a team with two consecutive wins. The RoI for this is around 14.7%. This is only if all the other factors are right. 

Overall, do your homework before betting, and do it without bias. 


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