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Mastering Face-Offs in Hockey: Top Strategies for Success

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A face-off is an important part of the game of hockey. It is the moment when the action begins, and it can make or break a teams performance. Knowing how to win a face-off is a key skill and one that can be the difference between success and failure. This guide will uncover the secrets of winning face-offs in hockey and reveal the strategies and techniques needed to become an expert at them.

What is a Face-Off in Hockey?

A face-off is when two opposing players line up against one another at the start of a hockey game. The two players, known as face-off men, must attempt to gain control of the puck by winning possession from each other. The referee will drop the puck between the players, and the first to gain control of it has won the face-off.

The Importance of Winning Face-Offs

Winning a face-off is a vital part of the game of hockey. It gives a team the opportunity to gain possession of the puck and set up their offense. It can also be crucial in transitioning from defense to offense. Winning a face-off can give a team an immediate advantage, as they will have the momentum and the upper hand in the game.

The Rules of Face-Offs

The hockey rules of face-offs are relatively simple, although they are strictly enforced by referees. The two players must line up opposite each other, and the referee will drop the puck between them. They must then attempt to gain possession of the puck by pushing or pulling it to their respective teams.

The key rule to remember is that players are not allowed to make contact with each other and must keep their sticks and bodies out of the way of the other player. If either player breaks this rule, they will be penalized.

Techniques for Winning Face-Offs


Two hockey Players Face off at start of Ice Hockey Rink Arena


Mastering power plays in hockey can significantly increase your chances of scoring, turning the tide of the game in your favor during these crucial moments of advantage. The techniques for winning face-offs are varied and depend on the players individual style and preferences. However, there are some universal strategies that can be used to gain an edge over an opponent.

1. Footwork and Positioning

Positioning is key when it comes to winning face-offs. Good footwork and body positioning will ensure that the player is in the best possible position to gain control of the puck. This means that the player should be balanced on their skates, with their feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. The player should also be low to the ice, as this will give them more stability and make it easier to move quickly.

2. Angling

Angling is a key technique for winning face-offs. This involves the player positioning themselves in such a way that the opponents stick is pushed away from the puck. This gives the player the advantage, as they can then move in to gain control of the puck.

3. Using the Stick

Selecting the perfect hockey stick, tailored to your size, skill level, and position, is a key factor in gaining an edge during face-offs and optimizing your overall performance on the ice. The player should hold the stick in a vertical position, with the blade of the stick facing the puck. The player should then use the blade to push or pull the puck to their respective teams.

4. Timing

Timing is critical when it comes to face-offs. The player should anticipate the referees drop of the puck, and be ready to move in and gain control as soon as it is released.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect when it comes to face-offs. The more a player practices, the better they will become at winning face-offs. It is important for players to practice their technique and to work on their timing and positioning.

6. Mental Preparation

Mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation when it comes to face-offs. The player should be mentally prepared and focused for the start of the game, as this will give them the best chance of winning.

Strategies for Winning Face-Offs


match of ice hockey faced off


In addition to the techniques discussed above, there are also some strategies that can be employed to gain an advantage in a face-off.

1. Choose the Right Player

Choosing the right player is an important strategy for winning face-offs. The player should have good footwork and positioning, as well as the ability to think and react quickly.

2. Know Your Opponent

Knowing your opponent is another key strategy for winning face-offs. It is important to watch your opponent and try to anticipate their moves. This will give you an edge and help you to gain control of the puck.

3. Choose the Right Position

Choosing the right position is essential for winning face-offs. The player should choose a position that puts them in the best possible position to gain control of the puck.

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Conclusion: The Secrets to Winning Face-Offs

Winning face-offs is an essential skill in the game of hockey. The techniques and strategies discussed in this guide will give players the edge they need to gain control of the puck and set up their offense. With the right preparation and practice, players can become experts at winning face-offs and giving their team the upper hand in the game.

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