Week 5 Predictions For The Bettors: Everton vs. Liverpool

Author: Mansi


EPL will witness ten games in just three days this week, and that surely gives a boost to fans to enjoy such high thriller games. In this season only two teams are undefeated as of now & one of them is Everton who is sitting on the top side of the tables this season. This top seed team is going to take on one of the toughest teams in history and that is none other than Liverpool. On the contrary, Liverpool is having some mixed type of season this year. 

While coming into this game, they would try to forget their last outing against Aston Villa. In that game, Liverpool was crushed by Aston Villa by 7-2 points. That's the reason they would try to remember that game and perform well against the top rank team of this season and gain some confidence. As Everton is undefeated yet, obviously stakes are high on them whereas Liverpool has relatively lesser stakes on them.  

Last week was special for Liverpool’s side. Because last week they completed 5 years under Klopp and had a successful celebration, or you can say the fifth-anniversary celebration. On the contrary, it has been ten years since Liverpool has been beaten by Everton. Therefore, it was the cherry on the cake for the side and that made their celebration double. 

It is a game of luck you can say to face the same opponents, you beat a decade ago. So both teams will be getting ready to face this challenge. Liverpool will be preparing for keeping the legacy constant. While on the other hand, Everton will be looking forward to beating Liverpool and breaking its record of the decade. 

Despite all the win-loss records, history is in favor of Liverpool, stats are looking quite different in this game. Everton is most likely to win this game considering their recent form. All of their players are in good touch this season with everyone contributing in a manner to win this game. Therefore, it will be a game of the previous history against the youngbloods. 

By looking at this configuration, you can undoubtedly say that this game will be full of nail-biting moments and crunchy situations. On the other side, a home side team will be expecting some good support from their fans in this game to boost their morale.

We all know about the legacy and importance of the Liverpool club from long ago. As of now, they are also having the same amount of respect in football clubs. But compared to the club which was used to be a decade ago, this team has something special spark. All the players are grooming to show what they have in their armory and do their best on the field. 

The loss against Aston Villa would surely humiliate them, and they will undoubtedly be looking for better revenge over other opponents regarding points. They must know the importance of this game because if they went on to lose this game as well. The term panic will be seen in the dugouts of Liverpool which won't be a promising picture to see. Therefore, it is one of the important games for Liverpool. 

Everton has one of the rare chances to break their too old record this season. In season 1938-39 they had won the first five games of the season. Later on, they failed to do so. But this year has been phenomenal for them regarding winning games. They are having a game streak of winning straight-four games (starting) in this season. They will certainly be eyeing on winning the fifth game and break that decade-old record just to tell people that this site is no rustier than everyone thinks of. 

Team management must be aware of this record alert and would have been preparing a game plan. If they execute their plan as decided no one could stop them from breaking a record and creating a history in the Club of Everton. They will be hitched permanently into the golden books of the clubs for a long time.   

Final Words:

Now as we have seen all the stats and facts about the clubs, and team performance, one can easily detect how good this game can be. Therefore rather than wasting our weekday evening just roaming here and there enjoy this high thriller game with your friends.


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