Preview For A Key Game: Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Author: Mansi


Major League Baseball has always provided the best games in the history of baseball. However, with the season being played in no person attendance, players are undoubtedly missing support from their beloved fans. Though, this hasn't had any impact on players' performance. However, they keep on performing for their sides. This season is undoubtedly giving some fair amount of chances to every team to be in the playoffs. Therefore, each team is trying their best to make their spot in the playoffs. 

This week, the two best teams of the season, Colorado Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks face each other to fight for a series-cleaning win. However, the loss for anyone's team would do the most damage for their season. Therefore, we can expect some good games of baseball in this game. However, in this article, you can find team previews and key players to watch out for this game. With these two things, you can also get results prediction for the same. 

While going into this, the Arizona Diamond undoubtedly has the upper hand over their arch-rivals Colorado Rockies. They have a winning streak of four games against one of the strongest teams of this season. However, with some star players' unavailability, the Colorado Rockies have been off-color for the past few days. However, it hardly matters on any given day. 

Looking at the info performance for head-to-head games, German Marquez from the Colorado Rockies are looking in solid form and have hardly given any chance to his opponents. With a 4.10 ERA, he is likely to finish the season with a very positive note compared to other team players. He has a good record against the Arizona Diamondbacks when it comes to pitching. 

In 16 games he played against the Arizona Diamondbacks, he started for nearly 15 games. This shows how much he will be familiar with the opponents, and he can be a real danger for the Diamondbacks. He also has an ERA of 4.50 against Arizona. This data can also be useful for you if you are playing some fantasy games or put bets on any player.

 He did remarkably well but was unlucky to carry forward the same momentum in Texas. However, one bad game doesn't make any player worse. Therefore, the team management will undoubtedly have a blind faith over their prime player of this season. If Marquez manages to pluck one good game against the Arizona Diamondbacks, then the Colorado Rockies will undoubtedly win this game. 

Now coming back to the Arizona Diamondbacks, they have Luke Weaver as their savior this season. Though he has been entirely off-color, he managed to play some good games and made sure his team ends any game on a winning side. However, you can't play every game with the same mentality. Therefore, the Arizona Diann will have to look deeply into their team combined. 

Luke Weaver has an ERA of 6.51 but has undoubtedly struggled to score in the recent games. That's one of the main reasons for the continuous losses of the Arizona Diamondbacks despite some solid start to this season. When Luke plays against the Colorado Rockies, he becomes a new learner of this game. His record drastically falls against the Rockies. This is one of the areas of concern for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He has an ERA of almost 7.59 against them, which is not suitable for any star player like him. If the Arizona Diamondbacks have to win this game, Luke will have to do something out of the box against the Colorado Rockies. 

Results prediction 

Considering the players match up from both the teams and the recent performance of both sides the Colorado Rockies are highly expected to come out as a winner. All the players from the Colorado sides are in dream form this season and they can be a heavy side over the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

However, history has always favored the Arizona Diamondbacks but this year history might break and Colorado Rockies can create history by winning the clash. But considering the star players’ availability in the Arizona Diamondbacks, they can make one of the best comebacks of all the times. That's why this game promises to be a high-voltage match-up.

Final Words 

We have always witnessed that the stats of every player speaks about his performance. However, on a game day, stats might turn into false statements and do nothing apart from a game of numbers. Therefore, what one can do is sitting back and enjoying the whole game with sportsmanship.


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