Which Team To Bet On Serie A Round 5?

Author: Mansi


Serie round A will be full of excitement as we will witness the top teams taking on each other. Some of the best teams in this tournament looked a bit low while other teams are gaining some momentum and this is what makes the competition more intense for players and entertaining for the spectators. Let us take a look at some top picks and betting tips for the Serie A round.


Flamengo vs. Sport Recife


Looking at the previous performance of the team Flamengo they have been an exceptional team, they are the defending champions, and also, they have played and won against some of the best teams in the league. However, time does change and Flamengo is not living up to their expectations in this tournament.


Flamengo has a win ratio of only 50% while they played 12 matches and were able to draw 3 amongst them. A team of such caliber should deliver more, and so they will be looking forward to the match against Sport Recife, and they have a good opportunity to gain some momentum and be back on the winning track.


Palmeiras vs. Botafogo


Now let us put it this way a team that is so far undefeated in the tournament will take on the team that has been able to turn the match draw for the most number of times. Palmeiras is undefeated and is looking strong in the tournament, so they will like to beat Botafogo or even a draw will be good for them.


Now it will be interesting to see where the match will head. If Palmeiras win this match they will continue their streak, if they lose, then they will witness the first loss of the season, and just in case, the match is drawn, Botafogo will have the two-digit number in the column of drawn matches.


Atlético Mineiro to play Fortaleza


Sometimes the position of a team in the points table does not define their dominance in the tournament. Atletico Mineiro has scored the highest number of goals in the tournament at an average of 2 goals per match, and also they have managed to defend the opponents attack very well, even though they are placed somewhere at the mid in the points table, do no try to take this team lightly, they can tear any attack apart on the given day. 


Defense of the Fortaleza has also been quite impressive throughout the tournament, it will be very difficult to pick a winner amongst them, the chances of the match being drawn are more at this stage.


What to expect from Serie A? Best Betting Tips For The Game!


Flamengo were favorites at the start of the tournament, but now they are well-placed at the 4th position, while Atletico Mineiro is way ahead at comfortably placing themselves as table toppers. The performance of the Atletico Mineiro has been outstanding and so betting them would be a good choice right now they are looking like the potential winners for the championship.


It would be very interesting to watch how Flamengo would try to stop the Atletico Mineiro as for now they are dominating the tournament and if the situation remains the same they may even grab the title. Some other teams at the moment are International and São Paulo. They don’t have a high chance, but still have to give their best to remain in the race for the championship. 


Palmeiras are another side that has the potential to win the title but to make that happen they have to play some extraordinary game. As for now this team looks low in confidence and has lots of flaws in their defense, once you do not perform well all the glitches are getting exploited, and that is what makes comeback even harder. The top teams always bonus back by showing their character and never say die attitude towards the game.


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