Players Slam French Open Organizers for Poor Conditions

Author: Sameera Kumar


Agnieszka Radwanska and Simona Halep slammed the organizers of the French Open tournament after falling out in the fourth round. According to Yahoo Sports, Radwanska addressed reporters by expressing how surprised and angry they were to have to play in the rain. She was quoted as saying that a tournament of the stature of Grand Slam should have better conditions than what were offered.

Pironkva’s and Radwanska’s fourth-round game commenced on Sunday, but had to be postponed due to showers, when Radwanska was snugly leading with a 6-2, 3-0 score.  In a never before occurrence in 16 years, a full day’s game had to be postponed as the action went for a toss after Monday’s incessant rain.

Play resumed Tuesday morning, but the players had to get off the court in about 40 minutes.  After a three hour gap, the on field action commenced only to have Pironkova score a massive comeback from the background to upset Radwanka’s entry into the quarterfinals.  Post match, Radwanka blamed the damp conditions that put added stress on her hand injury for her performance.  She also went on to diss the organizers for the poor sense of respect they had for players.

Six-seeded Simona Halep who lost to Samantha Stosur also complained about having to play in the rains.  She also voiced her opinion and echoed Radwanska’s sentiments about the organizers having scant respect and care for players.

 The delays went beyond these matches with the Grand Slam suffering another blow with five matches scheduled for Tuesday being pushed until Wednesday.  Tournament director Guy Forget addressed a press conference to assure sports buffs and players that a roof will “hopefully” be installed by 2020.

Talk about being grand slammed.



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