MLBPA Rejects the Latest Proposal

Author: Mansi


MLB proposed a 72-game season at 80 percent prorated pay, which the MLBPA has outrightly rejected. The players' association did not find this latest proposal from the league substantial enough as a final go-ahead for the season 2020. The MLBPA has shown its dissent on this proposal and rejected it a day after it was sent by MLB. The executive director Tony Clark issued a statement with this regard stating that “it appears further dialogue with the league would be futile. Players want to play. It's who we are & what we do. Since March, the Association has said that our No.1 focus is playing the fullest season possible, as soon as possible, as safely as possible. Players agreed to billions in monetary concessions as a means to that end, and in the face of repeated media leaks and misdirection, we made additional proposals to inject new revenues into the industry -- proposals that would benefit the owners, players, broadcast partners, and fans alike.”

He further added, "It's now become apparent that these efforts have fallen upon deaf ears. In recent days, owners have decried the supposed unprofitability of owning a baseball team and the Commissioner has repeatedly threatened to schedule a dramatically shortened season unless players agree to the hundred of millions in further concessions. Our response has been consistent that such concessions are unwarranted, would be fundamentally unfair to players, and that our sport deserves the fullest 2020 season possible. These remain our positions today, particularly in light of new reports regarding MLB's national television rights -- information we requested from the league weeks ago — but were never provided. As a result, it, unfortunately, appears that further dialogue with the league would be futile. It's time to get back to work. Tell us when and where.”

The deadline of June 15 looks true as long as it is not examined from a close lens. Neither MLB nor MLBPA can get up to a hard deadline — with each passing day, the game is going back with every single day being added to this negotiation. It looks like this negotiation is a never-ending thing — with none of the two parties looking in terms with other parties’ decisions. The expected decision seems to be coming unilaterally from Manfred in the end.

Over the few weeks, many proposals have been put forth by MLB, but none came as a satisfactory stance for both the parties. While the MLBPA has constantly talked about mutual agreement on fewer games but full prorated salaries, MLB has maintained coming up with different forms of the proposal, which the union never agreed to. With each of its proposals, the league has maintained about one-third of the players’ full seasons salary — in different forms.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Recent proposals:

May 26: Sliding salary scale with 82 games — which goes to 33% of the full salary for the season.

June 8: 75% of the prorated salary with 76 games on — which goes to 35% of the full salary for the season.

June 12: 80 percent prorated salary with 72 games — which goes to 36% of the full salary for the season.

None of these proposals, coming from MLB resonated with the players' association. On top of the pay cuts, as these proposals state, the proposals as made on June 8 and June 12 involve risk factors. If ever due to the coronavirus spread, the postseason does not get completed, the players will have to suffer way more pay cuts — players would receive way lesser part of their prorated salaries.

The MLBPA has proposed a season with 114-game and 89-game with full-prorated salaries with an expanded postseason in 2020 and 2021. The indication from MLB is coming for full prorated salaries, on the condition of 48-54 games. The league is arguing on the basis that with each game they are going to lose money with no fans in the stadium. The only way out is a shortened season game that could help the league deal with the financial crisis while paying full prorated salaries to players.



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