Eagles WR Nelson Agholor Investigated by Police for Rape Accusation

Author: A. A. Francis


Philadelphia Magazine, along with multiple media outlets, is reporting that Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Nelson Agholor is being investigated by the Philadelphia Police Special Victims Unit for a rape accusation.

A 27-year-old unnamed exotic performer has told Philadelphia police authorities that the 23-year-old Agholor raped her inside of the Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club on Thursday, June 9th, 2016.

The Eagles’ training and practice center, NovaCare, is scarcely 3 miles away from the Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club in South Philadelphia.

Nelson reportedly went to the Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club along with two other Eagles players, linebacker Connor Barwin and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox, after finishing up their last day of spring practice training.

Only Nelson has been accused of any wrongdoing.

Richard Ross, the Philadelphia Police commissioner, has publically confirmed that the Philadelphia, “Special Victims Unit is actively running an investigation.”

Agholor is being represented by attorney Fortunato Perri, Jr. Perri has publically asserted to the press via email that Nelson has, “…not engaged in any criminal conduct,” and that Perri is, “...confident that he will not be charged with a crime.”

Derek Boyko, a spokesperson for the Philadelphia Eagles, has publicly stated through a press release that, “We are aware of the police investigation involving Nelson Agholor…The organization has been in contact with Nelson and with the proper authorities in Philadelphia. Because of the legal nature of this matter, we will have no further comment.”

An attorney representing the Cheerleaders Gentleman’s Club named Kevin Raphael has publically stated that, “Cheerleaders is aware of the allegation and the police investigation and is cooperating fully with law enforcement.”

Nelson has yet to be officially charged with a crime.

This story will be updated as the investigation develops.


A. A. Francis


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