Do Yankees Need Any Key Starter To Win The Series Next Year?

Author: Mansi


As we all know, the enthusiasm for the game of baseball can never be suppressed. This game is full of passion and thrill. Even in this pandemic situation, fans are supporting their respective teams. Games are being played without the public in the stadium. Fans are helping their team from home. Everyone is excited about the 2021 baseball series. We are aware of the problem the whole world is facing. 

Fortunately, in this lousy situation, we got some good news about the vaccine for Coronavirus. So, everyone is expecting more and more from 2021. Every single baseball fan is awaiting the team New York Yankees. What strategy will they use to win the series? Who is going to play? Everyone is keeping information about their lineup. If you are looking for accurate information, you are on the right page. This content will tell you every small step, they can take to win the series.

This team is situated in New York. They are a club member of the American League East Division. They started playing in 1901. Their first season was Baltimore Orioles. The owner of this team is Yankee Global Enterprises. They have a massive collection of trophies, such as they have won 19 American League East Division titles, 40 American League pennants, and 27 world series championships. 

According to the survey of Forbes, this team is the second-highest valued sports franchise in the United States with an estimated cost of $5 billion. Boston Red Sox and Yankees rivalry is well known in North American sports. This team is also known for its nickname called"Yanks" and "bombers." This team is the people's favorite team because of its successful history. 

Bomber needs one more key starter

The Yankees are going to play in 2021. In 2020, they have signed Gerrit Cole to be their ace starter. But to compete in 2021, they need one more key starter. Besides Cole, they are having trouble with consistency from the rest of the team. Yankees have many ways to go but we can expect a different starting rotation in 2021 compared to 2020. Sanchez has a constant hitter position, but right now, he is unable to do that. 

Realmuto has a Gold Glove, and he bats too well. His bat can maintain middle order. He can manage players like Giancarlo Stanton and Luke Voit. But no one is sure that he would play for the Yankees or not. If he adds in the Yankees lineup, the Yankees become the favorite to win the world series without any doubt.

Yankees are known for their payrolls. We know their spending. Even in this pandemic 2020, they spent 265 million on their roster. On the other hand, the Rays, who defeated the Yankees earlier in the playoffs, spent 73million on their roster. Yankees are thinking of reducing their 210 million luxury tax line. So probably they won't sign big names like Realmuto and Stroman. They are looking for the re-signing of LeMahieu as their big move. But they are not cutting their starting rotation. If you are thinking of betting on the Yankees, I would advise you not to bet on them. 

Injury of key players:

In last season Yankees have a record for the most injured players in a single season—some big names like Luis Severino, Sánchez, Stanton, James Paxton, Aron Hicks. 

Yankees need to concentrate on their defense. They went through 19errors in 16 games. Luke Voit's security is adequate, but still, he is below average.

Adam Ottaviano steps it up:

He has been struggling since last year .his last year outlook was not so good. His hard hot rate is the lowest in the league. It will be interesting to see how the Yankees use Ottaviano. 

The Yankees can move Gio Urshela to second base and Miguel Andujar to third base. Francisco Lindor is the best replacement for LeMahieu. Francisco Lindor is the top name in the market. He is five years younger than LeMahieu. All we can hope for the Yankees to win the 2021series.



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