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The Biggest Comebacks in Major League Baseball That You Won't Want to Miss

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The annals of Major League Baseball (MLB) are rich with stories of resilience and determination, where players and teams defy the odds to etch their names in history. These comeback stories transcend mere game-winning moments, marking career-defining journeys that inspire fans and fellow athletes alike. This narrative celebrates the indomitable spirit that propels the most unforgettable comebacks in MLB.

Honoring the Heroes

Baseball, much like other professional sports, has seen its athletes step away from the diamond to serve their country in times of war. These veterans, who sacrificed the prime years of their careers, faced the daunting challenge of returning to the peak of professional sports.

Icons like Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams are celebrated not just for their on-field prowess but for their valor and the adversity they overcame to return to MLB post-service. Their stories of comeback are a testament to their unyielding spirit.

Remarkable Player Comebacks

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The path back to MLB is fraught with obstacles for many players, whether it's recovering from injury, personal struggles, or extended absences from the game. Yet, some stories stand out for their sheer willpower and determination.

15. Scott Bailes: A Return from Obscurity

Scott Bailes' career, marked by a transition from starter to reliever, faced a downturn in the early '90s, leading to his release and retirement. Against all odds, Bailes made a remarkable return to the majors in 1997 with the Texas Rangers, showcasing an impressive ERA and proving that resilience can reignite a waning career.

14. Paul Schreiber's Second Chance

After a brief stint in the early '20s and a long career in the minors, Paul Schreiber retired, only to return to MLB decades later. His comeback set a record for the longest gap between major league seasons, a narrative of persistence and the love for the game.

13. Smoky Joe Wood's Role Reversal

Once a dominant pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Smoky Joe Wood's career took a dramatic turn following an injury. Transitioning to an outfielder, Wood continued to make his mark with the Cleveland Indians, exemplifying adaptability and resilience.

12. Rick Ankiel's Remarkable Transformation

Rick Ankiel's Fall

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Known for his pitching prowess, Rick Ankiel faced a psychological hurdle that threatened to end his career. His triumphant return as an outfielder, however, turned a potential downfall into one of the most inspiring comeback stories in MLB history.

11. Jose Rijo's Unyielding Spirit

After a serious elbow injury in 1995, Jose Rijo's career seemed over. Yet, his return to the majors in 2000, against all odds, highlighted his dedication and passion for baseball.

10. Mike Lowell's Battle Off the Field


Diagnosed with testicular cancer early in his career, Mike Lowell's fight off the field is as inspiring as his achievements on it. His return to baseball symbolizes hope and the triumph of the human spirit.

9. Jon Lester's Victory Over Illness

Jon Lester's diagnosis of lymphoma in 2006 was a stark challenge. His return to the Red Sox and subsequent role in their success is a powerful narrative of overcoming adversity through perseverance and strength. Lester's story, beyond his pitching, inspires a strategic mindset akin to the precision and timing in base stealing, highlighting an athlete's multifaceted skills.

8. Cecil Travis: War Hero and Baseball Star

Cecil Travis's story is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by athletes during times of war. Before serving in World War II, Travis was a rising star with the Washington Senators, known for his batting prowess. However, the war took a toll on him, both physically and mentally. Despite suffering from severe frostbite during the Battle of the Bulge, Travis made a valiant effort to return to baseball. His post-war career never reached the heights of his pre-war success, but his determination to play again is a testament to his spirit and resilience.

7. Eric Davis: Overcoming Adversity

Eric Davis, known for his dynamic play with the Cincinnati Reds, faced a life-threatening challenge off the field when he was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1997. His battle against the disease and subsequent return to baseball is nothing short of inspirational. Davis not only returned to the field but also had one of his best power-hitting seasons in 1998. His comeback story serves as a beacon of hope and strength, demonstrating the power of perseverance and the human will to overcome adversity.

6. Tommy John: A Surgery Revolution

Tommy John's name is synonymous with one of the most significant medical advancements in sports history. Facing a potentially career-ending elbow injury in 1974, John underwent an experimental surgery that not only saved his career but also revolutionized sports medicine. The procedure, now known as Tommy John surgery, has since become a lifeline for pitchers. John's successful return to pitching after the surgery and his continued success on the mound changed the game forever, making his comeback one of the most impactful in sports history.

5. Tony Conigliaro: A Beacon of Hope

Tony Conigliaro's promising career was nearly cut short when a pitch struck him in the face in 1967, causing severe injuries. His determination to return to baseball, culminating in a remarkable comeback in 1969, is a story of courage and resilience. Conigliaro's legacy is immortalized through the Tony Conigliaro Award, given to players who overcome adversity through spirit, determination, and courage, embodying the essence of Conigliaro's own comeback. Conigliaro's journey underscores the critical role of baseball's mental game in overcoming physical adversity and achieving greatness.

4. Eddie Waitkus: The Real-Life Natural

The story of Eddie Waitkus is one of the most dramatic in MLB history. After being shot by an obsessed fan in 1949, Waitkus's life and career hung in the balance. His miraculous recovery and return to baseball the following season inspired the novel and film "The Natural." Waitkus's comeback is a testament to the human spirit's capacity to overcome even the most unforeseen and harrowing challenges.

3. Dave Dravecky's Courageous Return

Dave Dravecky's comeback story is both inspiring and heart-wrenching. After being diagnosed with cancer in his pitching arm, Dravecky underwent surgery to remove a tumor, along with a significant portion of muscle tissue. Against all odds, he made a triumphant return to the mound in 1989, only to suffer a career-ending injury in his next start. Dravecky's brief but emotional comeback highlights the depth of his courage and determination.

2. Josh Hamilton's Redemption

Josh Hamilton's journey from substance abuse to MLB stardom is a powerful narrative of redemption. Drafted as the first overall pick in 1999, Hamilton's career was derailed by addiction. His remarkable recovery and return to baseball, culminating in an MVP award in 2010, is a testament to the possibility of personal and professional redemption, offering hope to those facing their own battles with addiction.

1. Lou Brissie: The Ultimate Comeback

Lou Brissie's story is the epitome of perseverance. After suffering severe leg injuries in World War II, Brissie underwent numerous surgeries to salvage his leg and fulfill his dream of pitching in the MLB. His successful debut and career, despite his injuries, is a powerful example of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds to achieve one's dreams.

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The stories of Cecil Travis, Eric Davis, Tommy John, and others embody the essence of a comeback in MLB. These narratives of resilience, perseverance, and redemption resonate far beyond the baseball diamond, inspiring hope and an undying love for the game. They remind us that the spirit of comeback is not just about returning to play but about overcoming life's greatest challenges.

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