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Many sports fans in the Valley are probably going to watch the Arizona Cardinals in the playoff match with the Los Angeles Rams. But the Phoenix Suns will also go into combat mode with the San Antonio Spurs for another match this year and take part in the continuing MLK Day traditions of the NBA. The Phoenix vs. Dallas match will take place on January 20 at 7.30 PM ET. This match is coming as the latter portion of a back-to-back sequence for the Phoenix team. They will play more than two matches in three days and will get a well-deserved rest of some days right after the Phoenix vs. Dallas match. The Dallas team entered this match a bit fresher, though. They played their last match in a victorious effort. The Sun has been on a roll as of late. They have won some consecutive matches and blown out the Pistons and the Indiana Pacers in consecutive matches.


Phoenix is also good in this spot this NBA season. The spread is making it a road favorite. The Dallas team has been playing quite well, and fans are betting favorably on them. They are also on top against the spread, but we are not sure that they can be the victors in the Phoenix. vs. Dallas match. The Suns should not be too tired considering how comprehensively they defeated Detroit a few days ago, even on a back-to-back. Losing Deandre Ayton due to an ankle sprain is quite rough, but Jalen Smith and JaVale McGee have filled in for him at some other points this season. Phoenix is on a winning streak even without the services of Ayton this season. We will give you all the points with the Suns, as we think that their defense is among the top in the NBA and is too strong to have the odds only slightly in their favor for the Phoenix vs. Dallas predictions.


Phoenix vs. Dallas Line-ups


The Suns have played many matches earlier this year without the services of Ayton, simply asking JaVale to take his place as the starter. Jalen Smith will most likely take several increased minutes at center in the upcoming Phoenix vs. Dallas match, but watch for McGee to work as the primary anchor for his team. The injury report of Dallas looks less extensive than their opponents, with only some players listed on it. We can expect to see the normal starting players taking the floor with this.


Phoenix Line-up


PG: Chris Paul

SG: Devin Booker

SF: Mikal Bridges

PF: Jae Crowder

C: JaVale McGee


Dallas Line-up


PG: L. Doncic

SG: R. Bullock

SF: D. Finney-Smith

PF: M. Kleber

C: D. Powell


Phoenix vs. Dallas Odds


The Phoenix Suns are the favorites over their longtime rivals in the Phoenix vs. Dallas match. This season, Phoenix is a true title contender, while Dallas will pray to the lottery gods to bless them this season. With that said, the team stands little to no chance against the Phoenix team, even with fewer injuries on the list. The Phoenix vs. Dallas match has a spread of less than a couple of possessions. The last couple of times these teams faced off, Phoenix only got victories by a few points. But even after that, the spread still feels a little generous for Dallas, who remains behind Phoenix right now in the league table. The match also features a couple of offenses that rank in the top in points per game in the Western Conference.


Thus, this high over and under level feels a bit more validated. You can expect a shootout in the Phoenix vs. Dallas match.


Why Phoenix Could Cover the Spread in the Phoenix vs. Dallas Match


The Suns have reclaimed this spot again after defeating Detroit this week. Thus, they will have a rest disadvantage. Phoenix has won several matches in a row in more than six of their previous nine matches. Devin Booker and Chris Paul continue to ball out for the Phoenix team as one of the top backcourt duos in the entire league. The Phoenix team has among the top net ratings in the league this season. Phoenix has not yet released an injury update but should be in great shape as long as at least one of Paul or Booker can suit up for the Phoenix vs. Dallas match. The Phoenix Suns are ahead on the spread so far this entire season.


They have obtained more points than they have lost on the road to this journey. Phoenix has covered in five of their previous eight matches overall.


Why Dallas Could Cover the Spread in the Phoenix vs. Dallas Match


The Dallas team will have the edge of more rest here, but that may be the sole edge in the Phoenix vs. Dallas match. Dallas has not won a lot of their previous nine matches and lost consecutive matches in a row before winning a couple of matches ago. The Dallas team is also behind on the points scored against points allowed on the season and has a good risk of slipping out of the race in the postseason if they do not level up. Dallas has a young team mostly who will not be at an advantage in this match against one of the top teams in the league to this point in the season. The Dallas team seems unlikely to get a victory in this match. But the Phoenix Suns could be on fatigued legs playing on consecutive days. The Dallas team is at an advantage in the spread to this point in the season.


Phoenix vs. Dallas Prediction


Although the Phoenix team still scores quite well in each match, their percentages all lean towards the middle ground of the league. They rank above ten in both the three-point percentage and field goals. Instead, it's the offensive rebounding of Dallas that assists them in racking up the points. They average well at this statistic. Put forth simply, the Dallas team excels off the hustle that they employ rather than the skill they display, even with the talents of their top players this year well considered. The additional stats away from the ball also give credence to this notion. The Dallas team ranks well in the charges drawn per match, deflections, loose balls recovered, and shots contested. But fortunately for Phoenix, Monty Williams coached squad is almost always playing with a little grit.


We see it night after night, especially from Devin Booker and Chris Paul. They sacrifice their bodies on both ends of the floor for the betterment of the team. Thus, with their fighting toughness, the Phoenix vs. Dallas prediction is that the Suns will win the match and cover their spread. The Dallas team will hang around longer than the casual fans expect but finally fall behind with a double-digit margin.




The Phoenix Suns are most likely to win and cover on the road against the Dallas team. Phoenix has been the better team between these squads this season and has the capability to pull out a cover and a victory over the struggling Dallas team. The Phoenix team blew out the Detroit team a little earlier, so they are probably less tired of being in a usual back-to-back match. Ride with the Phoenix Suns as long as they keep their star guards and a few supporting players in the line-up. 


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