Three Keys Points For Miami To Defeat Louisville Cardinals

Author: Mansi


The Miami Hurricanes will take on to their arch-rivals Louisville Cardinals in a group stage match. Currently, the Miami Hurricanes are on the 17th rank, whereas the Louisville Cardinals are on the 18th rank. Thus, it will be a golden opportunity for the Miami Hurricanes to prove themselves superior over the Miami Hurricanes. On the other hand, the Louisville Cardinals will be eager to beat the Miami Hurricanes and show them they are not far behind. With this kind of game set-up, we can expect a fire of game between these two teams. There will be many tactics on which teams will be working on to beat their respective opponent. In this article, we will glance at three critical points for the Miami Hurricanes to beat Louisville Cardinals in this game and game plan to execute the same. 

Not to allow more touchdowns

This will be the critical task for the Miami Hurricanes defense to match up with the speed of the Louisville Cardinals. By looking at the rate of the Louisville sides, Miami should answer them with the most crucial reason ever. It will be unrealistic if we don't think Miami won't play a good game against the hot Louisville Cardinals. 

One thing that the Miami Hurricanes should do is to stop as many touchdowns as possible from the Louisville Cardinals because all their players are fast, and we can expect a long game here. In the opening match of this season, Louisville Cardinals had scored two touchdowns with 25 yards and 28 yards distance, indicating how good they are in this department. 

Tutu Atwell is the crucial player for the Louisville Cardinals, and if the Miami Hurricanes manage to stop this man, it would be an easy game for them. For the reason, in the last game, when these two opponents came across each other, Tutu did some severe destruction to the Miami Hurricanes, which cost them the whole game. Thus, if the Miami Hurricanes manage to stop the flow of touchdowns, they will have the upper hand against the Louisville Cardinals.

Maintaining a perfect core group on offense

As we all know the kind of passing attack Miami Hurricanes have. However, in this season, their passing players aren't in that right touch so far. Therefore, all the fans and even team management will be expecting a fresh, and speedy comeback from their passing players against the Louisville Cardinals. 

If we look at the defensive side of the Louisville Cardinals, it will be an easy task for the offense side of Miami Hurricanes to be stronger in this game and beat the Louisville Cardinals. However, the defense of the Louisville Cardinals will be eager to make this as a cakewalk for the Miami Hurricanes players. 

Looking at the previous records, Miami Hurricanes have managed to score points with a lot more ease than any other opponent. They have managed to run nearly 200 yards against the Louisville Cardinals, which is quite a good number. Cam'Ron Harris, Jaylen Knighton will be their crucial offensive players along with Don Chaney Jr. & D'Eriq King. 

If these four players manage to score points in this game against the Louisville Cardinals, this will be an easy win for the Miami Hurricanes despite their weak department of defense. We all are pretty aware of the fact that the Miami Hurricanes are known for their run game, and expecting the same game against the Louisville Cardinals won't be the wrong choice. 

Make use of the weak defense of the Louisville Cardinals

The Louisville Cardinals will be looking to improve their defense this season. In the last season, they had a weak defensive line, which got carried forward this season. Thus making full use of this soft defense line, Miami Hurricanes should score points in this department. 

Looking at the previous games, they give at least one long run of almost 25 yards touchdowns to their opponents. This fact will surely be cherished for the Miami Hurricanes. They have also given nearly seven touchdowns, so it's crystal clear that Louisville Cardinals have one of the weaker defenses this season. 

So, improving on the same will be their task, but Miami Hurricanes will indeed look to score points against the low confidence defense of Louisville Cardinals. 

Final Words

We all know how the games of football can be a thriller; thus, enjoying the same at supporting your favorite team will be one of the significant tasks you can do while sitting at home.


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