Coach Mike Krzyzewski will retire after the 2021-2022 season

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One of the biggest sports news of 2021 — Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team coach Mike Krzyzewski will be retiring by the end of the coming season. A successful race that began 40 years ago is going to end after the season 2021-2022. 


It’s been a long time that the rumor of Krzyzewski’s plan to exit from the responsibility of Duke’s coach was growing among the public. Just after the retirement of Roy Williams at North Carolina, people were expecting that Mike might also be on the verge of announcing the same news. It was literally the sports news headline for a long time. But in May 2021, Duke officially revealed the retirement of the winningest coach Mike Krzyzewski. On the news of retirement, Coach K said: "My family and I view today as a celebration." He further continued, "Our time at both West Point and Duke has been beyond amazing, and we are thankful and honored to have led two college programs at world-class institutions for more than four decades. That, coupled with 11 unforgettable years as the United States National Team coach, has resulted in a remarkable journey. Certainly, I have been blessed to coach some of the finest young men and greatest players in basketball history as a direct result of these unique opportunities. For us, there is no greater joy than being part of our players' respective endeavors through basketball, and more importantly, their lives off the court. Our family is eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to our career for the past 46 years. So, to the countless members of our extended family, thank you very much."


Ever since this sports news was out, there have been several answers that the public is seeking out. And one of the most burning questions among all is obviously- who will take over the position of Coach Mike Krzyzewski? To help you out with this, we are here with this article. This article will take you through the journey of Coach K and will reveal who will replace him after his retirement. 


Achievements of Coach Mike Krzyzewski During His Career

Michael William Krzyzewski, a.k.a Mike Krzyzewski, is a renowned basketball coach of Duke University. He is regarded as one of the college’s best basketball coaches ever. After spending five seasons in the army, Coach Mike Krzyzewski was declared as a head coach at Duke on March 18, 1980.


Talking about his achievements, Coach Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) is the only coach who has won the highest number of Division I men's college basketball games than any other. He spurred Duke to win five NCAA national championships among 41 seasons in total. In the year 1986, Blue Devils were the runner-up at the nationals. Later, with the guidance of Coach K, Duke made it to the finals in 1990 but could not win. After that, they enjoyed the title for two consecutive years, i.e., 1991 and 1992. Then they again won titles in 2001, 2010, and 2015. Apart from winning five seasons, Duke was in the final four in 12 seasons. Coach Mike Krzyzewski has a record of over 1,200 victories. The support of Krzyzewski resulted in the outstanding accomplishments of Duke with at least 30 games 14 times. Coach K was himself a five-time ACC coach who directed the team to 12 regular season championships together with 15 tournament championships. 


The achievements of Coach Mike Krzyzewski are not limited to victories. Under his leadership, more than 60 players of Duke have been taken up by NBA- The National Basketball Association. Among all the 60 players, three were in the first position, and a dozen were in the top five. Most of the players of Kzryewski’s era are now the biggest names in basketball. On the sports news of Coach K’s retirement, the vice president of Duke and director of Kevin White had to say, “Simply put, Mike Krzyzewski's legacy – never to be repeated again – is truly mind-boggling.” This statement speaks perfectly about the prosperous career of Coach Mike Krzyzewski. 


Who Will Be The Coach K’s Replacement?

This is the highly searched question whose answer everyone is looking for. If you are wondering— Who will replace Coach K, then here you will get the answer. With Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s retirement, various high-profile job vacancies opened up in the college sports department. Krzyzewski himself was helping the university in picking up his replacement. Now, he made it official that the associate head coach or former basketball player of Duke — Mr. Jon Scheyer, will take over the helm. This is one of the biggest sports news of 2021.


Jon Scheyer is a 33-year-old basketball coach of the Duke Blue Devils men's team. He was a former professional player. At this young age, Jon will take over one of the most critical and challenging basketball jobs. From 2006-2010, he played for coach Mike Krzyzewski. In the last season of this playing, he got his fourth NCAA title for his mentorship. Later in the 2013-2014 season, Scheyer joined Duke as a staff member. After serving four years, he was promoted to associate head coach in the season 2017-2018.


In May 2021, the university declared Scheyer would replace Coach Mike Krzyzewski after his retirement at the end of the session 2021-2022. This decision of Duke makes Jon Scheyer one of the youngest Division I coaches in the USA. He is even one decade more youthful than the current youngest head coach of ACC. The 15 years incredible career of Scheyer as a basketball player and coach makes it clear why he is picked as a replacement for Coach Mike Krzyzewski. His achievements depict why Krzyzewski is so comfortable in handing over the reins to such a young individual.


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