Betting Picks: Tulane Green Wave vs. Houston Cougars

Author: Mansi


The Houston Cougars will be relieved with the fact that, finally, they will be playing the game on the ground. This is highly likely that the Houston Cougars will be facilitated by the Tulane Green Waves in a school league football. In this game, you can expect much more thriller and nail-biting moments. Despite, Houston Cougars being away from the game for so many months, all their players are pretty excited for a good comeback, and they will undoubtedly do their best to get a win in this game. 

This article will be most suited for all bettors out there because they can find players with their analysis and records. Also, you can find on which team you should bet highly if you have to win some handsome rewards. 

Players to pick from the Tulane Green Waves

M. Pratt:

Tulane Green Waves will be pleased with the performance of Pratt, especially as a prime passing player. He has played four games so far for the Tulane Green Waves. In the 4 games, Pratt has attempted 96 passes out of which he has completed 45 passes. Therefore, the completion percentage for Pratt is 47% that certainly shows his potential and value to this side. Pratt has also registered 690 yards to his name in this season. Therefore, if Tulane Green Waves have to carry forward the same winning momentum in this season then Pratt will be their crucial player in this process. He has also seven touchdowns and two inceptions with his name in this season. Therefore, picking Pratt will be one of the best decisions you can make. 

S. Hudson 

The rushing section will be incomplete without Hudson in the clash between Tulane Green Waves & Houston Cougars. He is one of their senior players in this campaign, and that's the main reason that makes him more valuable for this side.  Hudson averages nearly 7 points per game this season. With the kind of game he is delivering, it will be a very tough task for the Houston Cougars to stop him.  

Hudson has also named 400 rushing yards to his name that makes his tally more valuable. Hudson had also made three touchdowns in this season. The points table certainly speaks about his consistency in this tournament. Hence, betting against the Hudson won't be a smart decision.

All the bettors must be eyeing on the Hudson for this clash therefore ignoring him will indeed cost you a game. 

Players to pick from the Houston Cougars

Clayton Tune 

Because the Houston Cougars are making a comeback this season it will be a good idea to back the best players of the business. Clayton Tune has always been their consistent and prime player in any game. Therefore, if you have to win on a bet then Tune will be one of the safest choices you can make. With 3 games this season, Tune has attempted 98 passes out of which he has completed  65 passes. 

Tune has a success percentage of 66 from a passing section. This makes him more valuable in any game. Without him, the passing side for Houston Cougars is zero.  He also has covered 945 yards so far in this season. With seven touchdowns and two inceptions to his name, Clayton is one of the finest players for the Houston Cougars. 

M. Stevenson 

When it comes to the receiving section, Stevenson is the best choice from the Houston Cougars side in this game. He has played 3 games so far for the Houston Cougars this season. In these three games, he averages 17.7 points per game which shows his consistency this season. He also has covered 266 receiving yards in this season.  

Stevenson has also registered three touchdowns to his name this season. Because receiving the section will be crucial for this game, Stevenson will be a deciding player in this format. Therefore, dropping him from your fantasy squad or betting against him will undoubtedly cost you a whole game. Also, you may end up being on the losing side.

Final Words:

Putting a perfect bet is one of the toughest task ones have to do. This task gets more difficult when it comes to betting on football games. But if you are reading this article then you are almost nearing to win the bet because this article will undoubtedly help you in picking up the perfect players and balanced team for this game.


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