Best Picks: Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Iowa State Cyclones

Author: Sonali Pathak


School football is producing some good games this season. Despite the season being short-handed players are doing some good performances this season. Now, the Texas Tech Red Raiders are facing the Iowa State Cyclone in a game where both teams will be hungry for a win. The Iowa State Cyclones have 24th rank in this season. They are showing complete dominance over every opponent they are facing. 

If the Texas Tech Red Raiders have to win this game, then they would have to outplay every player from the Iowa State Cyclones. If we consider previous records of the head-to-head games, Lowa State is leading this battle with 2-1. In this article, we will have betting tips for this game. Bettors will find this article helpful as they can see players and their recent forms in this season. 

Players to pick from the Texas Tech Red Raiders:

A. Bowman:

Bowman has played a total of four games this season for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. He is the prime player for the Texas Tech Red Raiders when it comes to the passing section. Bowman has attempted 133 passes in this season whereas he completed 86 from them. This shows his successful passing percentage is about 65%. This shows his consistency in this tournament. 

With the kind of performance he is delivering this season, team management must be pleased with his performance in this season. Bowman has passing yards of 881 in this season. He has also registered seven touchdowns and four interception throws to his name. Therefore, if you have to win a bet in this game, then Bowman becomes a necessary pick for you.

E. Ezukanma:

When it comes to the receiving section Ezukanma is the best pick for any bet. Ezukanma is one of their most experienced players this season. In six games he played this season, he is averaging nearly 14 points per game. This includes three touchdowns and 25 receiving points. As Iowa state cyclones have a weaker defense this season, Ezukanma will be a crucial player in such conditions. He also has 342 receiving yards to his name so far in this tournament. 

Despite all the players being away from game practice, this didn't seem true by looking at the game of Ezukanma. Team management will be undoubtedly looking for some good performance from their prime receiver if they have to win this game. As well dropping him from your fantasy team or putting a bet against him will certainly cost you a whole game. This may end up on the losing side. 

Players to pick from the Iowa State Cyclone-

B. Purdy:

If the Iowa State Cyclone has to win this match then this player has to give some stunner performance in this game. So far in this tournament, Purdy has played five games, where he attempted nearly 160 passes. Out of these 160 passes, he was able to convert 97 passes into successful passes. This number indicates that his passing completion percentage is about 61%. Therefore, you can't ignore or drop players who have high success percentages in this season. 

Purdy has also covered 1074 passing yards in this season. With the kind of performance, he is delivering, the Texas Tech Red Raiders will be surely looking for some solutions to stop this player.  Purdy has also named five touchdowns, and two interception throws to his name in this season. Therefore, it will be highly risky to bet against this player. That's the reason you shouldn't ignore him. 

C. Kolar:

Kolar has played four games in this season so far and is one of the main players for the Iowa State Cyclone in a receiving section. If you are taking a risk by putting a bet against Ezukanma then, Kolar is the perfect replacement for him. Kolar averages nearly 11 points per game. Whereas, he also has 17 points from a receiving section in this season.  

Considering the receiving yards, he is the most successful player in that department. In the last four games, he has earned 188 receiving yards. That's why Kolar is a perfect replacement for Ezukanma in this season. 

Final Words:

Betting is all about referring to the stats of every player, knowing each player inside out. But sometimes this may backfire on you because of the unpredictability of this game. Therefore, though if you lose the game, rather than getting disappointed, playing another game with more enthusiasm will be the best way to cover your loss.


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