Best Week 8 Picks: Louisiana Ragin Cajuns vs. UAB Blazers

Author: Mansi


The big ten of school league football is getting Kick Start on  Friday. However, the Louisiana Cajuns are all set to take on UAB Blazers. This game is likely to be one of the close matches of this season. UAB Blazers started their campaign with a bang. They had a 4-1 scoreboard at the start of this season. At the same time, Louisiana is coming into this game after losing against Coastal Carolina last week. 

Louisiana has never looked in the right color this season, and this is undoubtedly implicating in rankings. They are not even in the top 25, which tells you their story in this season. Now, as players will be getting ready for this game, so as bettors. Therefore, to help them, we are here with this article. 

You will find players you can pick in your fantasy team from both sides and the recent performance of those players. However, this will help you up to a maximum extent because you can check stats and records of all those players at your fingertips. 

Players to pick from the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns

Levi Lewis:

Levi has done exceptionally well for the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns when it comes down to the passing section.  Though this has not been that good a season for Louisiana, Levi has managed to play pretty well. Levi has played for six games this season and has done incredibly well for his side. However, in those six games, he has made 166 passing attempts. Out of those 166 attempts, he had 100 successful attempts. This number certainly shows his success in this season. 

This number clearly states that his success percentage is above 60% this season. That's why he has been phenomenal for the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns this season. Levi has 1380 passing yards this season, most by any player from the Louisiana sides. Therefore, Levi becomes a necessary pick for you in this game. Dropping him is just like accepting your loss before the actual game begins. Such is the territory of Levi in this season.

Jalen Williams:

The receiving section hasn't been right so far for the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns. Jalen is leading the receiving end for Louisiana but cannot do that right as a whole unit. However, Jalen has a good record when it comes to individual performance.  In six games he played this season, Jalen averages nearly 19 points per game, phenomenal for any receiving player. Jalen also has 14 receptions to his name. Jalen also has 277 receiving yards from this season to his account.  However, instead of poor performance from his receiving unit on an individual level, he is doing pretty well. This is the main reason you shouldn't drop a player like him from your fantasy squad. Dropping him will undoubtedly cost you a whole game and might hurt chances of winning the game. 

Players to pick from the UAB Blazers:

Tyler Johnston III 

This young talent has done pretty well for the UAB Blazers in their recent outings. In three games he played this season has 57 passing attempts registered to his name. Out of those 57 attempts, he managed to complete 37 attempts, which indicates he has a success ratio. After calculating those numbers, you can see he has a successful percentage of 63% this season, making him more valuable despite being the youngest amongst all the passers from his side. 

Tyler also has 374 passing yards in there, along with three touchdowns. Therefore, if you are planning to drop Levi from a passing unit, then Tyler would be an ideal replacement for him considering the performance he has this season. Tyler also has eight interceptions on his name that makes his Talley more valuable and more appropriate to pick him in your fantasy team.  

Austin Watkins Jr. 

Austin can be like a replacement for Jalen if you are looking for dropping Jalen. Austin has played seven games, so far for the UAB Blazers this season. However, from those seven games, he averages 14 points per game, which is moderate for any receiver considering they have the right unit. He also has 466 passing yards to his name this season, making him a more appropriate contender for the fantasy team. 

However, dropping him won't affect much considering the option Jalem is providing. Therefore, you can drop Austin from your fantasy squad and have Jalen as a prime receiver. With Austin in your team, you can't rely on receiving yards as well.


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