Betting Picks For Week 3 Game - Houston Cougars vs. Baylor Bears

Author: Mansi


The NCAA Football championship is in good color this season amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Though it was a short-handed season, we are having some thriller games. However, each team is playing their hearts out to win that season title. But one thing that has remained common throughout the season is the approach of players towards every game. As we are heading towards the end of this season, we are having two hot sides who will face off each other. Those teams are none other than, Houston Cougars and Baylor Bears. 

With each game getting more important for every team regarding a playoff spot, this game promises to be one hell of the game looking at the body language of all the players. As players are getting ready for this clash, we will be helping bettors with this article for this game. In this article, you will find players you can pick for this clash and their recent outings. With this data and statistical analysis, you can easily win the bets and fantasy games very easily. However, sometimes stats fall false on a given day considering the format of the game.

Top picks for Houston Cougars.

Clayton Tune

Clayton Tune holds the record of the most consistent player in Houston Cougars. He had played five matches till now and performed well in all of it. He had attempted 173 passes out of those passes; he had succeeded with 106. His completion percentage is 61.5, which makes him an excellent choice for betting.

Clayton tune covered 1397 yards in this season, with the count of touchdown passes being 8. His interception throw count is 5. You can expect more from him in upcoming matches. He would be the best choice for passing in your fantasy team.

Keith Corbin

Keith Corbin is the best player for the Houston Cougars. Keith Corbin had played in five matches. He seems in good form in those four matches. He ran around 266 yards in this season and had a count of 0 touchdowns received. 

He also received 20 passes, the most received by any player from the Houston Cougars side. That's why he has been phenomenal for the Houston Cougars this season. He also had an average of reception 13.3 per yard. You should not drop a player like him for your fantasy team.  

Kyle Porter

When it comes to the rushing strategy, there is only one name from the Houston Cougars that is Kyle Porter. He had played exceptionally well in this season. He had played five matches in which his performance was outstanding, which makes him a better option for the rushing in your fantasy betting team. 

In those five matches, his number of rushing attempts was 81, with an average of 4.0 rush per yard. He had covered almost 324 yards along with the touchdown rush from four till now. He is in good form, and he will perform great in the next matches.

Top picks for Baylor Bears.

Charlie Brewer

Charlie Brewer is the essential player at Baylor Beards. The Houston Cougars have Clayton tunes, whereas Baylor's beard has Charlie brewer. You can see the scoreboard of these two players is almost the same if they both get a chance to face off against each other. The match would be exciting.

Charlie Brewer has played five matches this season. In those five matches, he had attempted 174 passes in which 107 passes were successful. He had a  61.5 percentage of completion. Charlie had covered almost 1125 yards with the count of 11 touchdown passes. He is the best pick for your fantasy team. 

Craig Williams

Craig Williams had done some incredible work for his team. When it comes to rushing, Craig Williams is the only name we hear. He had played four matches this year. In those five matches, he had attempted 26 rushes with an average of 7.6 rushes per yard. He had covered 197 yards in this season with the count of 2 rushing touchdowns. He will perform excellently well in upcoming matches and show the stats. You can consider him in your fantasy team.

R. J. Sneed

Till now, Sneed is a successful player. Sneed had received 23 passes in 5 matches this season. His percentage of receiving is 12.5 per yard. He ran 291 yards this season. Steed would be a better option for receiving in your fantasy team. 



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