Who has winning chances, Clemson Tigers or Pittsburgh Panthers?

Author: Mansi


As Week 12 has come to closure, and we are expecting week 13, some crucial matches will decide the future of certain teams. Clemson Tigers have held a higher pedestal as they stand second in the conference ranking. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh is placed in seventh. The Tigers have looked unstoppable until their last one-off with Notre Dame where they lost with (47-40) margin. We will analyze both the team’s chances of riding a victory against each other.

Pittsburgh Panthers:

Pittsburgh has constantly had troubles facing stronger teams as they have lost all-powerful battles. They will be locking horns with Clemson and the Tigers look too strong to be defeated by meager Panthers. The Panthers have lost against Notre Dame by a very bad margin (45-3). They could not stand against Ian Book’s 16 catches. Their offense looked weak enough to stumble down to a low level. Vincent Davis with a mere 8 carriers for 28 yards fared poorly against Notre Dame. They completely groveled before Nostre Dame as they could not manage their best version. We have to wait and see how they would pull up their socks against Clemson. Their only saving face in the whole battle was Joey Yellen, who showed his mettle with 10 catches.

Analyzing their last toss-up against Virginia Tech where they settled a meaty victory with a 47-14 margin. Pickett’s 35 catches for 404 yards did wonders beyond expectations. Both Davis of the team seems to be pushing boundaries in carriers. The team looks strong and powerful against poor opposition. Clemson seems to be a better team in all departments when compared to the Panthers. They have to really up their standards so well enough to be able to withstand the pressure of the Tigers.

Clemson Tigers:

Clemson looks all pumped up for the battle. They are looking to make a good and witty comeback cos they have everything powerful and pushy against the Panthers. Lawrence will be back in the huddle, and his comeback will mean a lot of difference. It will be a cakewalk for Tigers to stump Panthers with Lawrence and Uiagalelei’s power-packed contribution. Clemson has lost against the powerful team Nostre Dame by a very low margin. However, their game did not lose sheen. It was Notre Dame’s effective pushing and offense which came strongly against Clemson Tigers.

Analyzing the last match, even with the absence of Lawrence, they pulled the strings strongly together. Uiagelelei made 29 catches for 439 yards. It was a better record considering it came against an effective team. Etienne’s 18 carriers were also a good value-add for the team. They have the punch to put off any stronger team. Defense with Spector’s 7 tackles and Charleston’s 6 tackles looked decent. All this combination could get a new-look over with Lawrence’s presence.

Analyzing another match of Clemson’s where Lawrence was available, we could get the full powers of the team. Swinging back to Clemson Vs Miami FL toss-up, where Lawrence exhibited his best version, the Tigers won with a margin of (42-17). Looking at the stats in that match, Lawrence’s 29 catches for 292 yards weighed in strongly to pull over the victory. They crushed Miami in all departments overpowering their hold against their opponents very firmly. The defense looked a little shaky even with Spector’s 3 tackles, and Phillips’s 3 tackles.


Looking at all the odds, Clemson seems to have a better stand against the Panthers. With Lawrence back in the altar, they will have a very good offense and running back to uplift their game altogether. Panthers have always had a troubled outing experience with all the mighty teams, while Clemson has managed a victory against all the stronger teams, comfortably positioning them in second place.

Clemson Tigers will have an easy pullover in their upcoming tussle giving a little hard time to Panthers. However, the Panthers will require more than their ordinary game to slide over the Tigers in all departments. 



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