NCAAB Teams That Have Potential To Be In Final Four

Author: Mansi


It is going to be pretty early to predict the final four for NCAAB, as the schedule is yet to catch the heat and most of the teams are yet to start their account. There is also a great amount of pondering going on which teams will play or which players will be available, as the Covid-19 spread has been capped over the series altogether. While situations like this are in place, it will be quite a wild guess if we were to pick the final four which we think might surface in the finals. Let us get into the details as to who will cut.

Gonzaga: This team seems to have captured everybody’s attention by being the best on paper. Their performances also have been proved by 2 games they have played in the season. Looking like one of the effective combinations of players, with fitness and experience conjoining together. This could easily be a tip for the final four. Although a lot is yet to be decided with their other games are having a major yield over a conclusion, there is a possibility that this team can cross the one-offs and be placed one among the four.

Analyzing their last played matches, they have been winning with a high-goal margin. With Kansas, they won over a 102-90 margin. With their field goals percentage almost crossing 64, and the percentage of their free throws touching 80, they showed their power as a team effectively. Coming to players, Kispert’s 38 minutes, and 4 rebounds and Drew Timme’s 32 minutes for 6 rebounds drew the team to a comfortable victory.  With Auburn, their offense took a head start where they restricted the opponent quite comfortably. Again Timme and Kispert’s 59 minutes proved valuable. With all the possible points tipping sides to Gonzaga, they seem to be a pretty much threat for other teams.

Villanova: This team would not be a certain 4, we could comfortably give it a benefit of doubt to this team. Their offense and intensity as a team stand out to a larger extent. They may not have had the best of starts given the number of injuries and Covid 19 cases on the cards, they still look like a team that can build on their major players. They also can beat the best teams. Their game against the Boston College Eagles looked like a cakewalk for Villanova. Samuels and Robinson-Earl’s combined 53 minutes did the magic for them. Their field goals percentage touched 50% as they cruised an easy win against Boston.

Sun Devils Vs Villanova was also a thrilling game as Villanova won a comfortable victory with an 83-74 margin. Robison-Earl and Samuels drove the team to an easy victory. Their free throws were the highlight of the match which almost touched 70%.

Virginia: This is another team where we might slightly feel skeptical about. However, if anything goes by their last season’s performance, they still look like a team that can sweep the opponents. They may not have a successful play-off, but their entry to the final 4 seems to be a possibility. They have an exceptional defense to ride over a victory, but their offense still looks bent-out-of-shape. They have a 1-1 standing in the overall ranking. Their one-off against Towson Tigers was a comfortable victory with 89-54. Sam Hauser and Justin McKoy shouldered the win against the Tigers. Their 15/29 3-pointers looked very impressive and tilted the game to their side. However, looking at their game against San-Francisco was a tragedy as they lost by a very small margin. They were looking to be dominating this last-minute thriller. Free throws almost touching 83%, were very settling for them even though it was a losing battle.

Baylor: With Baylor’s, I think it’s the players who have created a mark to have high hopes for the team. Even with the absence of major players in the likes of Freddie Gillespie, the team looks really strong to beat every opponent. Jared Butler, Macio Teague, Mark Vital, and Davion Mitchell are the best bets for this season, as Baylor’s stands second in the ranking. Analyzing their match, they contained Washington for a meager 52 as they hopped on to score a meaty 86. Their offense looked solid against Washington as they secured a great margin victory 86-52. 



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