NCAAF Picks: San Jose Spartans vs. San Diego Aztecs

Author: Mansi


NCAAF has given many players and fans a reason to laugh this season. Due to the worst COVID-19 pandemic of all time, everyone was stuck at home and had lost their smiles due to the virus's fear. However, the players are playing this season to make sure they relieve all their stress. With players getting more intense to win games for their respective sides, this season is proving to be one of the best of all time. This article will be useful to pick your fantasy team.

Players to pick from San Jose State Spartans :

Nick Starkel :

 Is there anybody who doesn't know Nick Starkel, well he is one of the famous players in the San Jose State Spartans? He is known for his experience and his passing skills. In the last game, he showed his skills and proved himself. 

He had played four games in this season. Also, he is the one who covered the maximum distance of 980 yards. He had 107 passing attempts, and he completed his 75 passes. If you took a closer look at the scoreboard, you would realize his percent of passing completion. He had 70.1% passing completion, which is the highest to date. He had nine touchdown points and two touchdowns. You can pick him in your betting team in the future.

Nick Nash :

Nick Nash had played four games in this season. He had less number of passes, but he took advantage of it and showed his game. He had 28 pass attempts. He completed 18 passes, which is remarkable. Nick can be an atom bomb to opponents if he gets enough tokens. I think he is the future of the San Jose State Spartans. If you are thinking of selecting him for your team, then you are the one who knows the game.

Bailey Gaither :

Bailey Gaither is the cheetah of San Jose state. He covered 432 yards. He had received 27 passes. He had played four games in this season. He needs some practice to do well. 16 is the average per reception with four touchdown points.

Players to pick from San Diego State Aztecs :

Carson Baker :

Carson had played six games this season. He attempted 105 passes and completed only 59 passes. As we all know, he is a well-experienced player, so, we expect some more from him. He has the potential to lead his team. He had covered the distance of 617 yards. With the fewer interception throws and touchpoint, he is trying to give his best; you can choose him in betting. He is the game-changer.  He can prove himself for sure.

Lucas Johnson : 

Lucas is new in this game. He had played only two games in this season. We can say he is still fresher but giving his best. He had 24 passing attempts. He had completed 14 passes. His percent of passing completion is quite good, that is 58.3%. He had covered 184 yards distance and got 14 touchdown points with zero interception thrown. If he trains hard and concentrates more on his game, he can be the best option for San Diego. You can select him for your betting team. Lucas has a chance to become an irreplaceable player as he should train himself as a beast.

Jordon Brookshire :

Jordan is a boon for San Diego. He is an all-rounder player. He had played only one game in this season. We might give more chances in the future. He had 19 passes, and he completed seven of them. He tried to cover 50 yards of distance. His average completion passing is comparatively less, approximately 36%. He had zero touchdown points, and one interception was thrown. Jordan had 13 rushing attempts. He should practice more. While rushing, he covered 50 yards. He has the potential of rushing to become a rushing icon of San Diego State.


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